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  1. Well, obviously, yes. In many cases though, especially in the UK, "romantic" organs tend to be once-classical organs but had all the fractions, mixtures and upperwork castrated or removed altogether because of the shock to the shenshibilities that was brought about by equal temperament. In this restorative environment there is often a case for changing temperament and then opening the upperwork up a bit to see what it can do - none of which, you will note, spoils the "romantic" 8' and 4' sounds.
  2. I have bulldozed many instruments, large and small, 1850's and much later, into some form of unequal temperament (usually Thomas Young's, as described by Charles Padgham) with never less than startling results and absolutely no loss of functionality: 1) The difference in tone is clearly discernable to the layman and manifests itself with greater clarity and travel, greater perceived volume, and much less shrillness 2) Extended mutations are generally more useable 3) Tierce mixtures (and, to a lesser degree, quint mixtures) are INFINITELY more pleasant to listen to (hearing the d
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