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  1. David Drinkell

    Death of a major Compton announced

    Looking at the details in NPOR, I wonder if the enlargements and enhancements which took place in 2001 might have scuppered the chances of Lottery funding. Adding another forty or so speaking stops is quite a change, even though the original Compton scheme remained untouched underneath it all. I wouldn't presume to criticize the work, which seems imaginative, and I didn't know the instrument personally.
  2. David Drinkell

    Death of a major Compton announced

    I wonder if they tried the Lottery Fund. It came up with the money for a first class Harrison restoration of the organ in Moot Hall, Colchester, where they retained an expert consultant in the person of Bill McVicker.
  3. David Drinkell

    Henry Ley

    Thank you for these replies. I had always thought Ley should rhyme with "see", but when I was organist at Henbury Church, Bristol, as a student, the Vicar always pronounced it to rhyme with "say" and since he was an Oxford man and may even have remembered HL, it sowed the seeds of doubt in my mind!
  4. David Drinkell

    Henry Ley

    I've always wondered - should Henry Ley's surname be pronounced to rhyme with "see" or "say"?
  5. David Drinkell


    I played this at my regular noon hour concert in Fredericton Cathedral last Friday. It is indeed a lot of fun. Thanks for the reference - there looks to be quite a treasure trove of short pieces in these volumes on imslp.
  6. David Drinkell

    electric swell engines

    We had electric swell engines fitted at Belfast Cathedral - I think they were supplied by Taylor. It was an easy job, accomplished in less than a day for both Swell and Solo boxes. They worked very well, the only downside being that the inertia of the shutters caused a very small time lag, but they were quite large shutter fronts (15 stops in the Swell, 9 in the Solo.
  7. David Drinkell

    Can we all try a bit harder?

    I remember about fifty years ago thinking that "Exurgat Deus" from the "Laudate Dominum" suite was the last word in flashy modern organ music (a performance by Rodney Tomkins, then teaching me at Colchester Royal Grammar School, on the marvellous organ at Walsingham still comes to mind). Since then, I've played the whole suite from time to time and certain movements rather a lot. "Meditation" was definitely on the Ass Board list for one of the lower grades - I remember a chorister at Belfast playing it.
  8. David Drinkell

    Appointments 2

    My wife sees pcnd's posts on Facebook and he does indeed seem to be very content. I believe that he was organist at Wimborne, but not choirmaster, although I stand to be corrected on that point.
  9. David Drinkell


    Welcome - I don't think you'll find unpleasant confrontation here, but there's quite a breadth of opinion and experience. I went to play Cecil Clutton's organ with the Organ Club many years ago when I was still in my teens and I remember him playing Guilain's Second Suite, with much cursing if he played a wrong note.
  10. David Drinkell

    Christmas music 2018

    It's nice - I played it at our noon-hour concert in the Cathedral yesterday.
  11. David Drinkell

    New Škrabl Organ for Our Lady of Victories RC church, Kensington

    Yes, it does look a bit odd. One would expect a Gambe, at least in addition to the other 8' stops on the Great. I think the result will be a fine organ, but maybe not a C-C clone. I have no experience at all of Skrabl's work. I don't think we have any this side of the Atlantic. I have an invitation to give a concert on the little one at Frinton next time I am home. I'd like to get to know their job at Lyme Regis, if I ever find myself down that way. I see they rebuilt the Percy Daniel organ at Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. This was one of Daniel's more adventurous jobs and was well thought-of when it was first done. It looks as if Skrabl have carefully revised and augmented it and it should be worth visiting. http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=E01520
  12. David Drinkell

    Not Christmas Music

    There's lots of French Noels which, although founded on Christmas melodies are not well known to the average British audience. They should sound wonderful on your instrument, too, but you probably know that already. I have the Dover edition, which contains a fine selection. I think IMSLP has one by Mulet, which is worth a look.
  13. David Drinkell

    School choirs and organ suggestions

    I like it too! It's had a bad press for a long time, but I think this is passing. It's fun to play, too.
  14. David Drinkell

    C.S. Lang - Organ Music

    I, too, used Lang's keyboard exercises when toiling for the RCO exams. I later passed the copies on to a pupil in similar circumstances and I guess they have, in turn, been passed on again. I was a pupil of Garth Benson's when I was a student at Bristol University - he was the "EGB" of the fugal trilogy and often spoke of Lang. I've never had a copy of it and often wondered what it was like.
  15. David Drinkell

    Christmas music 2018

    At the end of the Midnight, I've scheduled what my predecessor at Kirkwall used to refer to as "Dew parmi bleedin' noo", so I suppose I had better get some practice in. A neighbouring church has an Advent carol bash, which happened last Wednesday, involving about a dozen local choirs. I was asked to play the postlude and gave them Edmundson's "Vom Himmel hoch". To my surprise, it got a standing ovation. I finished the Advent Procession a couple of Sundays ago with Karg-Elert's "Wachet auf", which is good piece although perhaps a tad more tricky to play than one would expect.