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  1. Super - thanks Adrian. Do you have any photos of the old cases from behind - i.e. from the side aisles?
  2. Adrian, That instrument is absolutely beautiful. It really lifts the whole Quire area and complements the existing fittings very well. Compared to the stumpy cases of the old organ, it has presence, style and impact. I commend you and the cathedral on a fantastic piece of art. What impact will the transept pedal stops have in the Quire? Will the 32's be audible up there? What was the effect in the old installation? Best, John
  3. Adrian, I have to say thank you for these wonderful photos of the new organ going in over the last few months. I have really enjoyed coming on here every day while at work to see how things were going. I am really pleased the Cathedral took the bold decision to do this - your photographic record shows the artistic integrity that has gone into the new instrument and helps to prove that it was the right thing to do. With that said, how does the sound compare to the old organ in terms or projection into the building, balancing etc. as far as you can tell at this stage? Also, is the organ voic
  4. I myself am an atheist but still find religion interesting, even entertaining to behold and study. That goes for religious music. The organ must be one of the most powerful and moving instruments to have been invented and therefore lends itself to such music, where emotional impact and resonance is of great importance.
  5. I know what you mean - I ought to have qualified my remark with the rider that I only enjoy select portions of it... much of it is rather dirge-like to my ears. As an aside, I can never forget sitting in the choir stalls at Liverpool Cathedral while the choir from my parent's church (the aforementioned St. Mary's Kingswinford) sang that piece at a unity choir event. Towards the end, where there is a solo organ section played entirely on pedals with interspersed dischords on an Oboe stop or similar, the grand organ hit a low note which sounded exactly like someone breaking wind. Both myself
  6. I thought this may be an interesting topic - how many of the participants on this forum are not Christians or church-goers but who appreciate the organ and/or sacred music? I myself am no longer a Christian but can still sit and listen to such pieces as Stainer's Crucifixion or similar. My love of the organ came from hearing the instrument at my local church (St. Mary's, Kingswinford, anyone familiar with it?) during services I attended as a child and in my early teens. I would love to hear the stories of how people came to know and love the organ also.
  7. I am not suprised by the responses here - it is without a doubt one of my favourite organs. I find its strident and fiery tone to be unique. Furthermore, the sheer clarity of every nuance and timbre of the instrument is startling, both on CD and live. I would assume this is the result of the caseless design? I remember speaking to Rupert Jeffcoat after a Monday lunchtime recital a couple of years ago and he commented that the stereo split effect of the layout could occasionally be troublesome when certain registrations were used.
  8. I'd be interested to know what the community on this forum thinks about the Harrison & Harrison 4 manual organ at Coventry Cathedral. I have heard it played live on several occasions and it strikes me as being very fiery in tone - quite clear and strident. It was much louder on the whole than I found Liverpool Cathedral to be at a recent concert. What are people's opinions of it? I would be really interested to see some discussion of this instrument.
  9. To my ears, it sounds utterly hideous!
  10. hackej

    Worcester Cathedral

    Hey folks - I did not intend to resurrect the previous agressive posting! Can't we keep it fairly civil? Adrian - thank you for your replies, that is the information I wanted and I can now clearly hear some of these faults on the CD. Could the chorus on the Solo create its own weather as the sound on the CD suggests? Interesting that you have stopped using the Bradford. It always struck me as rather tinny and unpleasant! What is your opinion of the Rodgers you now have?
  11. Adrian, Can you give any indication what is to be done with the pipework? I had an email from John Norman at the cathedral some time ago and he suggested that a church overseas may be making use of it.
  12. hackej

    Worcester Cathedral

    Adrian, Thank you for your replys - most informative as ever. I am interested, when you did the recording in 2001 (date is on the back cover of the CD), was the organ considerably better than in the last two years or did you have to "nurse" it through the recording in a similar way to that which you describe during the BBC sessions in your post on the older thread? You mention problems with the balance of the chorus's across the instrument - on the first track, Orb and Sceptre, the full principal chorus appears to be very piercing and "screechy" in the upper ranges, quite out of keepin
  13. hackej

    Worcester Cathedral

    Ok, that final video of the organ struggling on Tutti almost brought me to tears! As I am relatively young and have only heard the organ once in the flesh many years ago, my only reference point for sound is the most recent CD by Adrian Lucas - Vol 1 of the English Cathedral series. In terms of the content of this CD, could anyone point out to me the manifestations of the shortcomings that have been discussed with respect to this organ that are audible on the CD? I am at a loss to fully appreciate the criticisms as the organ sounds quite pleasant to my ears. Many thanks.
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