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  1. I once heard Lionel Dakers tell this tale at an RSCM course he was leading: "People used to say I played too loudly, which was nonsense, of course. One day, I asked my assistant to play while I sat in the nave. I gave him a list of stops to use; he looked at it, gulped, and said 'All of them?' And do you know? I had been playing too loudly." Ian
  2. Sorry to be pedantic, but are you sure GTB was an Englishman? Ian
  3. It was Malcolm Hicks, who is the BBCSO's Organist, and has been playing at the Last Night (and on many other occasions) for years. And very good at it he is, too. Ian
  4. Dennis Brain FRCO, I believe. Ian
  5. I used to think these pieces weren't worth bothering with. Then I heard Simon Preston play them at the RFH in the recital series just before the refurbishment, and discovered that I'd been wrong. They're not easy, though! Ian
  6. Not strictly answering the question, but IMHO the Chaplain's reading of "Journey of the Magi" on BBC2 was well-nigh perfect - every word given it's proper weight, no false emphases, no distractions. Just like good choral singing! Ian
  7. Really generous. Please count me in. Ian
  8. Fernando Germani used to enjoy playing it as well. I remember hearing him improvise his way out of a memory lapse in Mozart K608 there once back in the 60s. Ian
  9. I was present in St Paul's on that famous occasion forty or so years ago when Daniel Chorzempa substituted for an indisposed Fernando Germani. He played the programme that Germani had planned (which, if memory serves, was the Reger BACH and Vierne No. 3); he'd had three or so days notice, played the programme from memory, and played it superbly. He was asked about it in the interview before his last RFH recital and seemed to make light of it, but wow! Ian
  10. I've mentioned this elsewhere on the board; I gather the documentation on that disc is not very clear, but the Reubke was recorded in the Abbey and the Liszt in Hull City Hall. I still have the LPs, and remember enjoying the Hull tubas in the Ad Nos. But H&H they ain't!
  11. You need to contact Ronald Frost, who was at one time the Halle's chorus master and probably played the organ for some of their concerts. (Please don't mention the "particularly nasty noise" in the St Matthew in case he was the perpetrator.) You can find his contact details by Googling him. Good luck.
  12. This brings back memories. The story around Manchester used to be that Barbirolli refused to have a pipe organ in the re-built Free Trade Hall, fearing that it would steal attention from the Halle. I have an abiding memory of a late 60s St Matthew Passion, when a particularly nasty noise from the organ produced a wonderful (involuntary?) grimace on the face of the leader - a young Michael Davis, if memory serves.
  13. Many thanks for this, which leads to the details of the Epistle organ, restored in 2000-2001. Judging from the spec, it must be an absolute nightmare to play - goodness knows how you'd get on trying to duo with the Gospel organ. Next question - the casework of the Gospel organ looked identical to that of the Epistle; presumably the contents are different? Has anyone actually heard the organs being played? For a little harmless amusement, try using Google to translate the organ spec; apparently "Octava tapada" renders into English as "Eighth woman who hides herself with mantel". Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge. iy45
  14. Thanks for this. I don't speak Spanish, so had to use Google's translation facility - which can produce amusing results! However, as far as I can tell the article and the photographs are all to do with the historic instrument in its unrestored state. Or have I missed something?
  15. I was in Malaga Cathedral the other day, admiring the view of the organs there; they're either new or completely restored, and look absolutely magnificent. Positifs looking both north and south on each organ, likewise four lots of en chamades. But, of course, no-one was playing them. I bought a CD in the Cathedral shop, only to discover that it was a twenty year old recording of what the booklet describes as the historic organs of the Cathedral. Does anyone know exactly what the organs are - old restored, or new? And anything else about them?
  16. Simon Preston's Lizst recordings weren't made at the Abbey; they were on the Compton in Hull City Hall.
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