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  1. For those still interested in the Impromptu in G, it is now ready and available from Bardon.
  2. Yesterday at Evensong, the new Canterbury organ was handed over by Andrew Scott for dedication by the Archbishop. Forumites will, I am sure enjoy a visit to the cathedral's YouTube site to hear this. Fast forward in a bit from the start - the moment in question comes after the first lesson. After the dedication, David Flood plays the Karg-Elert Nun Danket piece. It's here. You may also enjoy a look at yesterday's morning Eucharist when the organ was used. Martin.
  3. The post about the Alcock Impromptu in G alludes to Daniel Cook's YouTube site, which is here. Over lockdown it has become a real treasure trove of beautifully played organ music, and if you haven't been there yet, I can't help but think many forumites would very much enjoy having a listen. He plays his Hauptwerk organ using the Salisbury sample set and it sounds magnificent. Of course, the whole thing is very educational as well - I've picked up a few fingering hints and some useful registrational ideas as well. Martin.
  4. No... I am sure Dr Phibes would have been much more satisfactory.
  5. Andrew Cooper has just passed this on to me... The organ is still there, though the Town Hall is closed and unused, having been sold, and so I have not seen the instrument for about 10 years. It was overhauled by Willis in 1986, received solid state switching in 1988, and the console was made moveable when the hall was converted to a theatre in the early 1990’s. A further overhaul took place in the mid 1990’s. The Ryde Town Hall Organ Trust which organised concerts and raised money for maintenance was wound up after the building was sold. ========= And I remember it being a very satisfying organ to play. I have several reminiscences from my time on the IW in the 80s/early 90s. There was one re-opening recital at some point by Thomas Trotter, which of course was excellent. I recall the G minor Fantasia and Fugue. But I also recall another recital by someone I can only describe as an imposter! He called himself Dr something or other and his recital programme consisted entirely of spurious items by composers that I had never heard of before or since. I think, to be honest, he made them up as he went along - it was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life and was utterly appalling!
  6. Have you tried his Introduction & Passacaglia? It needs a large organ with good registration aids and it has its tricky moments but it's worth powering through... and if that's an impossible thought, enjoy listening to it... perhaps the Colin Walsh/Lincoln recording... on YouTube. Music is on IMSLP.
  7. I've just written to Bardon to ask this very question.
  8. Many thanks for identifying it Stephen, and thanks for the link, S_L.
  9. Yes, a pain in this circumstance.
  10. Could anyone possibly tell me what voluntary Harry Gabb is playing at the end of this recording, please? Many thanks indeed. Karg Elert? Rheinberger?? Martin.
  11. Many thanks, Malcolm. I have sent you message via this forum which I hope reaches you. Martin.
  12. Some of you may know of our fellow contributor's delightful recording of Fela Sowande's Pastourelle on a Wyvern organ then in Arundel Cathedral. It's a really beautiful piece and I was able to obtain a reprint service copy a few years ago. It's well worth getting hold of one. I also play K'a Mura which is the first of Two Preludes on Yoruba Sacred Melodies, published in 1945 by Novello, and I recommend this, too, if you can get a copy. But... I would very much like to obtain a copy of No 2 - Jesu Olugbala - and I am struggling with this. Banks have not been able to help this time. Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction for a Novello reprint service, or a second hand copy... or, if you're not using yours, could I possibly buy yours... or something? Many thanks, just in case! Martin.
  13. Yes, indeed... many thanks, Paul.
  14. Thanks for all these pointers, Paul. I'm struggling a bit to pursue your links though. I can find reprint services for some Novello-published Prichard pieces, but can't find Elphaba or Barry Jordan nor can I find a link to him on the Leeds Organists' site. Any chance you could possibly produce a weblink at all? Sorry if I'm doing something wrong here! Many thanks; Martin.
  15. Thanks for posting this Dave - very interesting and good to see that the cathedral is seeking to forge ahead with their organ scheme. What do I know? And I'm sorry that I have never heard the Bristol organ, but I know it to be much revered and in need of restoration. It looks to be a really excellent scheme that makes the best use of the stops available whilst fully respecting the original. I'm not sure I have fully grasped the significance of the Quint business. Obviously, I know what a Quint is and what its effect is, but wouldn't a 'proper' smaller scaled 32 flue be better if the space could be found? I may sound ignorant in saying this, but I can't remember an instrument where having a Quint as a substitute for a 32ft was really successful.
  16. But so sad that the time has come for Roger to part with it.
  17. Mine too! And the Prelude "New Commonwealth" from the 49th Parallel does work well on the organ. OUP published an arrangement by Christopher Morris. It was 2/6.
  18. Andrew Wyatt has been appointed ADoM at Truro Cathedral from August 2020. Currently ADoM at Chester Cathedral.
  19. I wrote to Banks yesterday - received prompt message to say that he had it on order... so it's on its way. Very good service.
  20. Does anyone know about the new organ here, replacing the Copeman Hart? Just received a forwarded tweet with a picture of a very attractive terraced console, but no mention of the builder.
  21. Ah, many thanks, Tony, and sorry to have doubted your initial response! I have been in touch now and am waiting to hear. BW Martin.
  22. Many thanks, all - and am I right in thinking it's Banks Musicroom I need, rather than Banks Music Publications?
  23. 1. Has anyone ever seen a copy of the Sumsion arrangements of the two Hymn Preludes (for Orchestra) by Vaughan Williams? One is on Eventide and the other on Dominus Regit Me. 2. Please could someone point me in the direction of an archive printing firm that handles the OUP archive? Allegro Music used to do this, of course, but now that they are no longer functioning, I am not sure to whom to turn. (Musicroom?? They do Novello offprints.) Many thanks.
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