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  1. Has anyone caught the new series ( only 3 programmes ) Sunday Nights Radio 3 live 11pm. Organ Roundtrip. Part 1 St Bavo, Haarlem . Interesting tracks played. Keith Loxam
  2. Good to see my father's name in print again. He died in 2010 and the anniversary of his death is on the 14th of March. He would have been 105 this year I didn't attend that concert but he did talk about it many times with me. He was always delighted to receive a call from Simon Lindley who on occasions asked him to play at a Town Hall open day. My Dad was quite a devil and relished the chance to use the positive division as the accompaniment manual and couple down the Swell to beef it up. As you say the audience reaction tells the tale. I remember watching him set pistols once at the Town Hall and I thought, surely that can't work. I surly did. Keith Loxam.
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On behalf of the BBC Organ Society we would like to pass on our condolences to the family of Bill Davis. We have very happy memories and tales from him playing the Compton Organ at Broadcasting House, London. His unique style of music making on the organ will be sorely missed. With respect Roger Tucker – Keith Loxam.
  4. Around 8 years ago I did hear one of the organs play on a Sunday Evening Mass, it was a wonderful sound and full use of the chamades and all. I understand that both organs do work and agree that it's sad that the only CD about is years and years old. I did visit Malga this year but sadly on a weekday and as you say they look mgnificent. lets hope we can hear more soon. Keith Loxam
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