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    Organs (naturally), English/European History, Music generally, Reading, Gardening.........that sort of stuff.

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I am a (very) amateur organist, who can, if asked nicely, bash through a wedding or funeral, or Sunday service without causing too much embarrasment.


Met my first organ at 11 years of age, it being a 1933 Compton organ from the Empire Theatre Smethwick, by then (1965) installed at Holly Lodge Garammar School for Boys .


Now I have a Compton console, 1952 vintage "Electrone" , originally built as a IIIP with 101 speaking stops for the Free Trade Hall, Manchester. Now rebuilt as a IVP with 87 speaking stops (and more couplers), it has been completely re-engineered using Hauptwerk technology, using mostly EM Skinner ranks. It has a very traditional English Town Hall feel to it......a bit Edwardian I suppose. It is very exciting and fun to play - quite OTT with 5 32' stops on the pedal, and plenty of everything else!


Still completely in love with the pipe organ 40+ years on.


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