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  1. Nothing to do with organs, but after four replays I was still chuckling over this. Got a bit worried for the conductor about halfway through, thought he was going to do himself an injury. Chris Baker - Durham UK
  2. The way things are going out here in 'the sticks' , it will soon be a Remnant of Organists.
  3. I am staggered that nobody has yet mentioned the organ scene in Disney's "Rescuers" You won't want to see it , so don't go here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpP8bNxVdyU Chris Baker - Durham UK
  4. You lot might as well pack in this thread, 'cos I've got you all beat - I get first prize - no arguments - some forty years ago I inherited a full set of ......... wait for it......... CLOISTER ALBUMS. They remained unopened and pristine for all of those forty years, until three weeks ago. I was asked for the 'Dresden Amen' at a couple of hours notice for a funeral service. On the point of giving voice to my regrets that I was unable to provide it for them, not having the music available, nor any idea where it might be found in playable form ...... 'click', 'click','click' went the aged old
  5. I believe the term being sought here is 'fraudulent conversion'. Barry will, I am sure, know whether or not it applies here. A 'grey' area, I suspect. Chris Baker - Durham UK
  6. At an R.C. church near here some years ago, I was asked to play 'Lady in Red' for the bride's entry. Dead on time, the bride and her flotilla of followers formed up into line of battle and set off down the aisle.......... the whole lot, including bride, dressed over-all in shimmering emerald GREEN. The bride had not told of her music choice, so guess who got blamed for playing innapropriate music. AND, she wanted Q.o.S during the registry. I got a few comments about this as well, but managed to sow a seed or two of confusion, by saying that I had actually played the second sinfonia from 'S
  7. Have you all got a problem spelling 'LIVERPOOL ANGLICAN' or something..?
  8. Clarion Doublette says :- "That spec, and many similar, (16 8884 8848) could be greatly improved if the dulciana on the Great was replaced with a 2' fifteenth. It would give the instrument a proper chorus on the great and bridge the gap between the flue work and that enormous Cornopean on the swell! With no oboe to accompany and two small 8fts on the swell - the dulciana surely won't get used a great deal." I know that there are many of the smaller instruments where this tonal modification has been carried out and, when first I encountered our instrument I did harbour thoughts along th
  9. Good afternoon, We have a small H & H (16 . 8884 . 8848) of 1931 vintage. It is in good nick overall, regularly tuned, needs a clean and probably a reed re-voice, but is unlikely to get either of these unless we get permission to print our own money. Beyond that, it is wholly unremarkable, you might even say 'bog standard' = there's certainly no shortage of these around this area, some better, some worse. We are all quite attached to it and don't really mind that it is virtually inaudible on the few occasions when the church is full. And I only curse the chancel carpet a couple of
  10. About a year ago I broke the little toe on my left foot - a fairly innocuous little injury I thought at the time. Little did I know. This otherwise unremarkable orthopaedic event had a positively gianormous side effect. The aforesaid damaged digit developed an attraction to the side of the Bb key on the pedal board that was nothing less than a percussively realised homing instinct. Flat-key pieces were not too bad, but anything in a sharp signature proceeded to a series of agonised yelps from yours truly. In the end, I played nothing but 17th C English stuff for about a month. But the hymns -
  11. I sent this to COIN recently. Some found it amusing. Most didn't comment. On Sunday we had our normal sung Eucharist, but with a Baptism. Our usual congregation of twenty or so was augmented by about forty adults and a few children plus the candidate herself of course, who seemed to be about three months old. People began arriving twenty minutes before the service and there was much greeting and introducing in the carpark and at the church door. It was obvious that some in the baptismal party had come a considerable distance - hugs and more, handshakes - you get the picture.. I played
  12. Oops, sorry, didn't realise how many there were still to be translated. Chris B
  13. Hi, is this what you are looking for? [ http://www.bach-cantatas.com/IndexTexts-Ch...Title.htm#Title ] Chris Baker - Durham UK
  14. Only rarely do I post into this realm of the more learned and talented - but having perused within this thread, I found myself wondering :- is it entirely wise for a member of this great and goodly place to enquire of unmusical stops, and then to sign off as 'Vox Humana'. ? Not really fair of me I suppose, I did find one not so long ago that was extremely useful - as a component of the 'honk-note' punctuation in Hornpipe Humoresque..... then again, musicality wasn't really a consideration, though it seemed to me marginally more musical than the concerted foot-stamps from the audience.
  15. Nick Bennett -" And it's yet another sign that the organ's profile is on the rise at the BBC." I wonder which is cheaper to broadcast: an orchestra of a hundred or so players, or a single organist with a hundred or so stops? Not that I'm complaining mind you ... My wife says that I'm a cynic. I say that I'm an organist. "That's what I said" she replies. Chris Baker Durham UK
  16. My copy arrived Christmas Eve (thanks Jenny). Wife grabbed it to wrap as present to go under the tree. I came downstairs at 4.00am for a drink of water. Spotted newly wrapped book under tree. Unwrapped book, started reading, was discovered by wife at 6.30am, attempting to re-wrap book. Accused by wife of inserting decimal point to my age of 63 years Accused by wife of unreasonable behaviour, for not allowing her to open presents until after church. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas Chris Baker
  17. Paul and Claviorque, thank you for your replies. It is good, even for a brief moment, to be getting wiser as well as older. Chris
  18. Get ready folks, here comes the stupid question of the year! By what reasoning does increasing temperature cause pipes to 'sharpen' in pitch? Logic says that increased temperature causes the pipe to expand, and, in my primitive brain, bigger pipes equal lower notes - flattening. And people talk of the organ going flat when it's cold when my poor assaulted reasoning says the pipes are getting smaller and sharper..... Or, is it more to do with the way sound waves behave in changing temperatures, rather than any consideration of the pipes themselves? My churches allow me two tunings a yea
  19. This point has been made on many previous occasions. Undoubtably it is true, but tends also to resemble sky-bound pies. One of 'my' churches with its ten-stop, 1880 Forster & Andrews incorporating a novel approach to reliability, enjoys a regular weekly congregation of about twelve souls. What do you think might be a suitable level of fee to attract one of the competent players you mention ? This is not a personal dig at you Barry, but the point you make does not advance the situation for the great number of churches which are in our position. Reluctants, or in my own case, incompete
  20. My eyesight seems to have suddenly deteriorated - I think you are inviting me to come and take the Dulciana from your instrument and pop it into mine. A very generous gesture indeed and I'll be round there directly with newspapers and bubblewrap . It looks as if your F&A was planted about five years after mine (npor N12175). I don't understand why H & H supported the tonal modification, or more to the point why the DOA agreed it. When you look at the rest of the spec., the last thing it needed was more 'on top'. AND it's got no strings. Fortunately the OpenD on the swell is a bi
  21. Barry and Brian, thank you for your replies. Overall I am fairly untroubled by matters financial relating to my church work. I have always maintained a good relationship with Her Majesty's lucre-looters, and my latest return scooted through fairly sweetly. I am interested though that my parish might be required to regard me as employed from a legal point of view, albeit without the inconvenience of financial consideration. I intend however to waste no sleeping time over it. I will though send off directly for a copy of your book Barry. ( and it had better be a good read - otherwise the
  22. It seems right and proper that professional musicians, such as the many who reside in this list, should have recourse to the law when their livlihood is under threat, or subject to unfairness. One imagines that such recourse woud in any case be a 'last resort' thing. My particular concern however, is for the matters which attend this issue from Her Majesty's requirement for seemingly endless amounts of revenue, from those least able to afford it. Existing as I do at the lowest strata of our common fascination with with matters organistic, I suspect that 'there may be problems ahead' for me
  23. Blimey! never thought to hear of that one again. I had to do this on a harmonium in St. Helen's Mission church, on the Isle of Wight when I was a spotty youth.....that makes it about 45 years ago. It was in A & M standard and the I.o.W. connection in the name is not lost on me. I recall that the choir were quite unable to get it sorted, so it was dropped and we did 'Never Weather-beaten Sail' instead. I've just had a look at it, stuck it on the desk, played it through, and it just took me three goes to get it right. Tricky little devil , well it is at my level of competence! Chris
  24. 10-65 - Bagpiper hired by wedding party. 10-65a - Operations reminder -Rules of engagement. Collateral damage to pipes whilst shooting piper is manslaughter. Collateral fatal wounding of piper whilst shooting the pipes is 'accidental death' - so be sure to get it right.
  25. Excuse me for butting in......... Are you aware also of the Werner Icking Archive? http://icking-music-archive.org/ByComposer/J.S.Bach.php About two thirds down the page on this link is the full set of Orgelbuchlein, free to print-off, comes as .PDF If you haven't been here before, it is a massive archive. Once you start poking around in it, you'll be there for ever!
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