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  1. I am really pleased to find this discussion which was by pure accident. I was he who made this recording which was quite a while ago now. Just after the introduction of digital recorders. It was made using a sony F1/701 recorder on to Betamax video cassettes, two AKG414 large diaphragm condensor microphones with no EQ. compression or other tweaks. Editing was a bit difficult, but I discovered that, transferred to U-Matic video tape, it could be cut using a two machine video editing suite withoput leaving the digital domain. Alan Cuckston and I made another recording of a "Father Smith" organ at Auckland Castle, home of the Bishop of Durham. This being maintained by Harrison of Durham, which is another interesting instrument. I can remember being in trouble there for parking my car in "the Bishop's private parts". That's what the sign said anyway. The sign was later removed. Both of these were originally released as a cassette, but I later transferred the Beta tapes on to computer, and now still in their digital form can be run off as CDr as and when required.
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