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  1. What is the "64’ Bombarde Basso" in Washington Cathedral's organ? Is it a 64' reed (it looks like it should be one)? I thought that there was only one 64' reed in existence, the Contra Trombone in Sidney Town Hall (not counting Atlantic City's 64' which is a diaphone). http://www.cathedral.org/cathedral/music/greatorgan.shtml -MAS
  2. MAS

    New Wolff Organ Sample

    Here you go... re-uploaded: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...6AF13966BAEF8FE By the way, when you say "not too far", do you live in Victoria? If so did you manage to hear any of the Westfield Center conference recitals held at the Cathedral last week? -MAS
  3. MAS

    New Wolff Organ Sample

    Hi, I'll try and repost the link sometime tomorrow when I get home. I have a couple of other tracks from the same session. I'll try and post them too. -MAS
  4. A few months ago I posted the specs of the new 61 stop Wolff organ in Christ Church Cathedral (Victoria, BC, Canada). For those interested here is the conclusion of Franck's A minor Chorale played by the cathedral organist Michael Gormley. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first recording of this instrument. http://download.yousendit.com/D1FA234007B997F1 (this is not from a concert or a CD) Cheers, -MAS
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    I just spoke to the organist this morning. He told me that "winkers" were small regulator flaps that smoothed out the air flow (when needed). -MAS
  6. MAS


    Since this organ is less than 250 yards from my home... I'll try to ask the organist about this the next time I see him. -MAS
  7. MAS

    An Organ That Never Was

    I've always found Murray's recordings to be a bit on the dull side... this recording included. In my (humble) opinion, one of the best recordings of the St. John's instrument was Anthony Newman's "Organ Orgy". Which was a spectacular collection of crusty Wagner transcriptions played in dazzling style. Unfortunately this CBS (vinyl only) recording has long since been deleted. I wish it was reissued on CD. [Columbia M-3268] -MAS
  8. Hi, Check your messages. I've sent you a link for an mp3 of the last fugue. Cheers, -MAS
  9. One of my favourite organ recordings unfortunately has never been re-released on CD: Lionel Rogg's monumental 2 LP set (EMI) of Bach's "Art of the Fugue" played on the organ of St. Pierre Cathedral Geneva. One of the interesting features is that the final Contrapunctus 18 is recorded in two forms in this set. The first, in its original unfinished state, and the second, with Rogg's masterful (in my opinion) completion. I remember back in the '70s this EMI set was easily available, so I'm wondering if anyone has any idea why such an important recording would languish unreleased 30 years later in the EMI vaults. Also, if anyone's interested, I can provide a (private) downloadable link to a high quality mp3 (at 224kps) that I made of Rogg's completion of #18. Please send me a private message here, and I'll send you the link Regards, -MAS
  10. MAS

    Music Of 1921

    I second the Parry suggestion (a tad early maybe). Especially the Fantasia and Fugue in G. A big tuba works well towards the end of the fugue! -MAS
  11. MAS

    Complete Bach

    Ah, the Chapuis set... my number one choice: 1) good choice of instruments 2) exciting playing 3) excellent sound quality 4) complete mini-scores too Unfortunately, difficult to find on CD, (reissued on the Valois [spelling?] label) -MAS
  12. Here's an update for those interested: The organ is now finished and we are eagerly awaiting the opening recital on October 12th. Anyone heard of this organist? http://www.cathedralmusicfund.org/concert.pdf Incidentally... the organ sounds fantastic. -MAS
  13. Yes... great sound samples, well actually more than just sound samples... full selections I'm listening to them as I type. -MAS
  14. Yes... thanks for the wonderful pictures and info I remember hearing a spectacular recording made of this instrument in (I think) the late '60s or early '70s. It was part of a large English organ LP series, with one LP per organ. Beverley Minster was on one of those LPs. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the organist. But I do remember one stand-out track, I think it was a tocatta, possibly by Howells on "Von Himmel Hoch". Does anybody else remember this recording? -MAS
  15. More pictures from a few days ago... with the ruckpositiv: http://www.cathedralmusicfund.org/ -MAS
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