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    Choral accompaniment and conducting; change ringing; elaborate final verse arrangements involving both choir and organ, where appropriate; real ales and single malt whiskies.
  1. Mr. Kemp and I know all about theatrical lighting effects one evening at a certain church in Brighton...!
  2. I thoroughly agree with your observation. I heard the same broadcast in my car whilst driving to church for Mass that morning; whilst I recognised the voice of John Sentamu, the sound and acoustics were most definitely not those of York Minster, and I even wondered at that point if it was the Archbishop of York I was indeed listening to. My lady-friend has just taken the keyboard section of the ARCO at St. Paul's hall; knowing that she was going to be doing it there, when I heard said broadcast I was somewhat horrified. Others have told me very positive things about the instrument, however.
  3. At least it can be used for something useful such as, like you said, plainchant or bass guitar. Musical gifts which irritate me the most are the sort displaying notes with their stems on the wrong side (according to modern engraving conventions!)
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