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  1. Has anyone mentioned Hull City Hall yet? There's a Tuba that one dare not use except as a solo stop, and then only fleetingly. (And don't even think about adding it to a chorus: you will probably blast a hole in the walls!) Of course, said instrument boasts an array of impressive and characterful reedwork, so that one is spoilt for choice when it comes to big noises.
  2. We're experimenting with "Congregational Evensong" once a month here in Kendal - at least to see whether or not it will up the numbers in the long run - using the following scheme: Responses: Ferial Psalm: Whatever (Choir only) Canticles: to Anglican chant, or to Plainsong, or as metrical versions Anthem: Whatever (Choir only) plus our usual three hymns (Introit, Office and Final) and two organ voluntaries (Middle and Final). I've already tried this a couple of times; the congregation didn't seem to know what to make of it, however, because they didn't join in the canticles despite
  3. Yes it is, and proves yet again that Barnard is perhaps the most natural modern composer of "traditional" hymn tunes!
  4. Alright, here for good measure are my own thoughts: Opening Voluntary: Prelude modal - Langlais (from 24 Pieces) Introit: Prayer of King Henry VI - Ley Responses: Leighton Office Hymn: From glory to glory advancing Psalm: 23 or 121 Canticles: Howells in G Anthem: Hail, gladdening light - Wood Hymn: Music sounds the joy (Cumbria) Concluding Voluntary: Rhapsody No. 1 - Howells There is an equally wonderful, but less well-known setting of the Introit by Francis Jackson that I would love to hear instead of the Ley from time to time; it is longer, however, so might be better kept fo
  5. A most creative and clever handling by whomever this was! I hope the Visiting Choir's director got the hint...
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