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  1. Ian Keatley is the new DoM replacing PW as of Summer 2019.
  2. Not encouraging news for Leeds. Paul lasted less than three years. I did hear there is an 'issue' in the Diocese because Ripon and Wakefield Cathedrals (naturally) want to support their traditional music foundations, and Leeds may therefore have to 'cater' for the less traditional forms of music and worship. If this is true, it is a sad end to the long tradition of music at 'Leeds Parish Church' (sorry, I can't get used to calling it Leeds Minster).
  3. Did anyone record this concert off Radio 3 ? I intended to do this, but I've missed the '30 day' time limit.
  4. The discussion over stop lists has been interesting, but of course the final verdict must await completion in 2017. It is not just the stop list however, but also the scaling, voicing and tonal finishing within the Abbey. In my view it is to be celebrated that we have the first UK installation of a Ruffatti organ. The budget of £2.5m (is this actually true, or a rumour ?) is substantial. The final results will be the responsibility of Ian Bell, Philip Arkwright and Ruffatti. There have been some examples of foreign organ builders installing wonderful organs of their own style which have n
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