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  1. I have a good friend who has original recordings on spool tape, that was recorded on in the 50's. And I have a couple of standard C90 cassettes that were used to make my first organ recordings on, in 1986. A lot of the vintage stuff may still work IF they are kept in the right conditions and looked after (and make copies/backups). the record label "Hyperion" seemed to have an issue with some recorded CD's a while back, so it seems even relatively new media can fail. I now have a backup of a backup of my "non organ" music plus the original CD's
  2. I have a Zoom H4 Pro, and previously a Zoom H2, and used the other mediums that Collin mentioned, except Mini Disk (I used a Sony DAT). As have mentioned on here before, I am a "non player", but knew more about the works of the organ, composers etc, than my late father, who was an organist from the late 40's until he died, last year. I have always asked for permission before recording anyone, from David Briggs etc to a humble village organist just rehearsing the hymns. I have over 300 recordings I can lay my hands on at the press of a few keys on the PC. They are an invaluable tool in the right hands, as long as any recordings are not put on You Tube or Face Book, breaking any copyrights
  3. I was having a look on the "Old Hull" Facebook page, and came across this photo. I am not sure if its been posted on this forum before, But knowing a few people know its history after this happened, I thought they might enlighten us again
  4. just to point out that in over 200 recitals I have recorded, I have ALWAYS asked for permission to do so from both the organist and the place its being recorded. I have very rarely come across an emphatic no, apart from one at York Minster. I have recordings of the late John Scott, David Sanger and Carlo Curley, as well as Nathan Laube, Graham Barber and David Briggs (at York Minster) etc
  5. Did John Scott Whiteley not make a recording for Priory on the Sheffield organ, seem to remember a GEO one
  6. He is VERY particular about recording him though. I made a midnight recording of him playing just 4 pieces, many years ago... But when I have asked him if I can record him in recital, he always says no, nicely of course. As he thinks that if he knows someone is recording, then he is "playing to the mics". I kind of get that, but at the same time it tends to be a generation thing, going buy all the U Tubes videos and other social media items
  7. A friend and I had a "lock in" at City Hall, for a couple of hours. Just 2 of us with a digital recorder.... happy days
  8. People spend thousands on reproduction gear (Hi Fi) and the organ is one of those things that just cannot, cross over well. There has been one exception tho ( a very personal one) I went to hear an American organist at St Pauls, a few weeks ago, and yes, its a magnificent organ, BUT I preferred the recorded sounds of the late John Scott (and others) when playing on Full Organ, as the "live" sound was just a mush, it may have something to do with the seating, that was under the dome
  9. it will be on "catch up" or another such BBC thing, so can record it at anytime I would have thought
  10. was Thalben Ball a great improviser? According to his book he was
  11. Ken Cowan also performs from memory, just like his recital at St Pauls Cathedral, last thursday
  12. James Lancelot received one at York Minster, a couple of years ago
  13. Its all well and good to employ modern technical devices, but a lot of the younger organist have come to expect a more modern consoles. I met a very young organist who would not play for a well funded recital, because the organ had no aids at all, bar a couple of combination pedals, and no pistons.... his loss prob. And the Polish organ friend who came over, and played a few recitals, and needed a registrant/page turner, apart from the 2 Leeds Town Hall gigs
  14. But as some people have said.... If it was aimed JUST at organists, they would have trouble filling the building, so aiming it at the general public. Like wise, other forms of ensembles are not catered for, and have as big a following, if not more,,,,, brass bands, or so I am told
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