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  1. Peter Allison


    welcome to this forum. Its not as active now, as it once was, but I guess that is life regards Peter
  2. Peter Allison

    "THE" Toccata

    he had his requiem mass at Durham cathedral, this morning. and it was played quite well, A video of it is on my Face book page some where. As to how long it was, am not sure, as was walking behind the coffin at the time, but stayed near the crossing just to hear the full resources of the H & H :-)
  3. Peter Allison

    "THE" Toccata

    David, you are absolutely right in mentioning "triumphant rather than mournful", I think a funeral, whatever the music, is a great and final opportunity for many, to connect with what the deceased loved in life, plus nearly everyone who will be attending knew him as an organist and lover of organ music (apart from some), and will smile with appreciation,, whist they remember
  4. Peter Allison

    "THE" Toccata

    I know a lot of people say the Widor is passe, it might be, but my dad was unable to ever play it, so every time I was with him, and it was played, he always said "thats what I want" etc, this is why it HAD to have it played, and on a nice organ to boot. When I first mentioned it to my sister, her reply was "whatever"
  5. Peter Allison

    "THE" Toccata

    You mention, Durham Crem, my dad was on the rota of organists there, and was there, all told for over 26 years, until last year
  6. Peter Allison

    "THE" Toccata

    I just wanted some thoughts on this please . My father passed away the other day, up in Durham City. He was a simple village organist ( A psalms and hymn man, he called himself) for many years, since the early 50's. I got the order of service from my sister the other day, and always knew, as he had said more or less every time he heard it," I want THAT piece when they carry me out of church." Imagine my dismay, when I read the music chosen was Bach, Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring, a great standard for such occasions, BUT he is having his "Requiem Mass" in the lovely setting of Durham Cathedral. So, with blessings from my sister, I have changed it to Widors Toccata from Symphony 5, as I believed that having a mighty instrument there, and wanted to send him out triumphantly was a greater thing, than a solemn slow quiet walk out. I was just wanting to know if I had done the right thing. The service is being played my a very good organist friend, of many years and he has played at the cathedral many times. Music for the Funeral of Derrick Allison Durham Cathedral Thursday December 20th 10.am Music before; Sonata No.2 op.65 Mendelssohn Bartholdy 1809-47 1.Grave, Adagio 2 Allegro Maestoso 3 Allegro Moderato Adagio from Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C Bwv 564 J. S. Bach 1685-1750 Musc after; Toccata from 5th Symphony No. 5 op.42/1 Charles M
  7. Peter Allison

    Priory Records DVDs

    I have a few of them, and was really pleased to see the one featuring the city of my birth, Durham Cathedral, and a close personal friend of the family, James Lancelot 😉
  8. Peter Allison

    Can we all try a bit harder?

    I raised this very question a while ago..."is anyone here?". I have made a few contributions over the years, but alas I am a "non playing enthusiast", and as such, can only really give so much. I look at this forum, every day, as I am now retired due to health issues, and do not get out much, so I use the PC, as a means of communicating with the outside world, so to speak. And have made a few friends with people, both here, and a certain "social media" website called Face Book
  9. Peter Allison

    Manchester Town Hall

    The "proposed" spec looks very good, and will push the organ into "super stardom" in the North West/UK organ scene ?
  10. Peter Allison

    Manchester Town Hall

    ....and also in the North East, Newcastle City Hall, which is an H & H
  11. Peter Allison

    Manchester Town Hall

    As from the "proper" side of the Pennines? I can only go on the good fortunes of HCH, Leeds and Huddersfield, in that the calibre of recitalists is high, and that their organs are well looked after, and the music programmess are well put together. On "other side of the hills, the likes of Manchester, has 2 newish organs, the Cathedral and the Bridgewater hall. In what is relatively smaller city, is there room for a 3rd large instrument, albeit an organ by the esteemed C-C?, given what is regarded as a cash poor council, (as all councils are)
  12. Peter Allison

    Manchester Town Hall

    well put, and its so true
  13. Peter Allison

    Manchester Town Hall

    it is the largest 3 manual, unless Simon Lindley was wrong, ha ha ha. My father organised a couple of recitals there, years ago, and I recorded them, and a few more since (all with permission) its a superb instrument
  14. Peter Allison

    Manchester Town Hall

    Thank goodness for Leeds Council, but they have a tradition there of music making and a city organist still, am sure that would have made some difference. But I read a while back that just down the road, Kirklees or Calderdale council, who run the weekly recitals at Huddersfield, where Gordon Stewart is organist.... very nearly came to finishing the concerts at the town hall, so leaving the Willis organ hardly used, which it has kind of backed down from now, it seems. Which is good news, as Leeds is my "go to venue" up here , as they have an amazing concert programme of classical music
  15. Peter Allison

    Visiting Organs

    A few years ago, I just wrote an e-mail to them, ( St, Sulpice) and received a standard one back, saying to wait at the door/stairs, and someone would take us up. This was in about 2001, not sure what its like now, after all the terrorism there has been in Paris