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  1. I lived a couple of miles from Coxwold, a few years ago, passed the church every day nearly, but never went in.... as Easingwold was our church at the time
  2. As a "non player", I have been to 100's of recitals all over from 1977 until 2019, and for me there is nothing worse than travelling many miles, paying an entrance fee and finally getting a programme with music by some composers I have never heard of. Transcriptions... I can take them or leave them, realising that at certain Town Hall venues, they are expected, but I get the Mahler thing (I recorded one in York Minster with permission of the recitalist and RS). I organised my own recital a few months ago, with an eminent player, good church, quality programme etc, and more advertising
  3. Very sad news. I only heard her the once, at York Minster in July of 2011
  4. A friend of mine was going to make a professional recording at Coventry about a year ago or 2 (with Wayne Marshall), they wanted just over £3000 for the recording session. So as it was a tad rich for his blood, they had the good fortune to go to a large church in Portugal with a new ish large organ, and record for free (was an RC church)
  5. A few years ago the Durham University along with James Lancelot and the amazing Cathedral Organ, made and produced a good DVD of the Elgar Sonata, complete with interviews of scholars of the subject (I think)
  6. James Lancelot had H & H build one for his large sitting room when he was at Durham
  7. found this, it was set up a few weeks ago, and his U Tube channel has been going for a year or so https://pipesandposts.com/
  8. A few years ago, my best friend who passed away a couple of days ago, (David Rogers) made a visit, when I lived in Hull, and were given free reign, so used "both" keys to get the blowers working, (you were asked to use just the one key for practising apparently) and David just improvise for a couple of hours, and took his recorder, and recorded everything. Its one of those days that I will remember for a long time
  9. I agree, his organ knowledge was extraordinary, and he was a very quiet ( but could be stubborn) his acquaintances in the organ world were much talked about. He made many commercial recordings for the likes of Paul Derett and always had good reviews. He went everywhere with his "bag of tricks", a simple portable DAT recorder and his 80's Tandy PZM microphones. The last time I actually saw him was at Leeds Town Hall, and he had just stuck his mics on the stage to record Jonathan Scott (last January) I spoke to him the day before he passed, and he was in good spirits. I moved down to Slea
  10. I am sad to say this great personal friend, passed away yesterday (Thursday). What he did not know about organs, was not worth knowing. Some of the members on this forum may have been recorded at their recitals?🙂
  11. I like the Scott brothers, and have seen all the recordings, they show great musicianship and Tom is a fantastic photographer/videographer/sound engineer and pianist. Long may they continue to entertain
  12. I have a good friend who has original recordings on spool tape, that was recorded on in the 50's. And I have a couple of standard C90 cassettes that were used to make my first organ recordings on, in 1986. A lot of the vintage stuff may still work IF they are kept in the right conditions and looked after (and make copies/backups). the record label "Hyperion" seemed to have an issue with some recorded CD's a while back, so it seems even relatively new media can fail. I now have a backup of a backup of my "non organ" music plus the original CD's
  13. I have a Zoom H4 Pro, and previously a Zoom H2, and used the other mediums that Collin mentioned, except Mini Disk (I used a Sony DAT). As have mentioned on here before, I am a "non player", but knew more about the works of the organ, composers etc, than my late father, who was an organist from the late 40's until he died, last year. I have always asked for permission before recording anyone, from David Briggs etc to a humble village organist just rehearsing the hymns. I have over 300 recordings I can lay my hands on at the press of a few keys on the PC. They are an invaluable tool in the ri
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