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  1. Holy Trinity Coventry

    "money" is the problem found in all organs, whether running costs, rebuilds. People today (20017) have different priorities, food, family, etc .Rich benefactors are needed, but they are either answering to others, or not interested , as Barry knows, eg Hull
  2. Phantom of the Opera

    will see what I can do, it may take a few days, as have quite a few personal thing to sort out first
  3. Phantom of the Opera

    I fully understand Charles, have replied. one of the stories I was told, years ago, was that of an american couple who said the west end organ wood support looked very very old, only to be told it was just 5 years old :-)
  4. Phantom of the Opera

    Restore????, it does not seem 5 mins, since I helped unload said organ, with Peter Collins,and had many a drink with my dad and the late organist, David Higgins, after dads organ lesson, (and my recordings on reel to reel of the organ)
  5. Youtube

    just had a friend point this one out to me, its well played I think
  6. Unusual audience member

    I had a reply from "churchmouse", on a post I made on FB, the other day, about traveling up to Hexham Abbey.... and she made the very valid comment about the recitalist, taking a strong position about his/hers audience . And of course Advertising is also a massive role to take to. The organ fest in Hull, deserves to be greatly supported, I know, all being well, I shall be attending :-) But recitals over in the UK, in the main, are not well attended, apart from so called "celebrity" recitals, Manchester Cathedral, being one, no matter the venue. I was at a recital a few years ago, and it was on historic style instrument, in what is reckoned to be England's largest parish church,(think Barry was there), and the organ was presided over by a well known organist emeritus from York Minster, and it failed to attract more than a few "dyed in the wool," organ "buffs sadly
  7. Unusual audience member

    was it a blind dog? for the visually impaired
  8. York Minster

    I remember a few years ago, when talking to Robert Sharpe, that I had a good friend, who had quite a few private recordings of the Minster organ , from the 50's and early 60's. He asked if he could hear them, maybe this was a precursor to any alterations, then again, probably not
  9. At my dads church (Witton Gilbert), when he was the organist and choir master, had a fine Harrison (being in Durham), but when a young organist went there in the 1980's, it was soon replaced with a Copeman Hart analogue toaster, the organist at St. Nicks, bought a few people to see it,
  10. was the church in Durham, a one manual?, if so, they were told it HAD to be a pipe organ, to meet the restructuring guide lines (St, Nicolas) I was a worshiper there on a few occasions. I was a member of a " happy clappy, band led and organless church, and for all its local criticism (some called it a cult), it attracted 4-500 people every week, and about 300, when students were not in residence. I loved it, BUT also went to the Cathedral on sunday afternoons every week, so I was in both camps, as they say. Am now a King James and BCP person, even to the extent of attending different church at christmas eve, 15 miles away, as there was no "bells and smells" at that one, as there was where my dad was organist Peter
  11. York Minster

    I know this is slightly off topic, but it is to do with York Minster. I went to James Lancelot's recital there, last night (sat), and it was fantastic. He got sounds out of that organ, as if he was DOM there. Apparently, he only came down twice during the week to practice. It was note perfect throughout, and a very rare,standing ovation at the end, was very fitting . His appreciative smile brought a ray of light into that space, so much so, it brought a lump to a few peoples throats. Perfection.....
  12. BBC Radio 3 - Choral Evensong, 05/07/2017

    IMHO, he certainly deserves that position, knowing him quite well, the sheer work he has done at the Cathedral, over the years, and the personal sacrifices I presume he has made, are in themselves are deserving. On a non organ topic, just the other month, I was sat in a chair, in his sitting room, with a log fire roaring, with just my dad and I, and James, sipping a drink, and talking about his up coming retirement to Tewksbury. A great man, if I say so, and they will be difficult shoes to fill, again imho
  13. Hull City Hall

    and if I am right, the sound was from an ancient pair of Tandy PZM's and a tascam handheld recorder lol. As a "non Organist", I am always very happy, when the person in command of a larger instrument, plays effortlessly, or near enough
  14. Hull City Hall

    the ones in Harrogate are the 4 man one at St. Peters, a late departed friend was organist there, I have a private recording done in the 80's, just after Ernest Hart installed his 32' speakers and a Bert Preted rebuilt it. And the other, I think is St.john's, Bilton,
  15. Hull City Hall

    York is NOT in the North East lol, its not far from Leeds, and just along the 1079 to Beverley, much less south than Ampleforth, ( I live just 12 miles from York )