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  1. David, you made mention of modern organs, this one is in the English tradition and I believe it was tuned in the Valotti Temperament?, was built in the church after a fire in 1988, which destroyed the previous 3 man H & H. I helped the Peter Collins lads carry it into the church at the time, and after it was settled in, my dad had lessons there, with a good friend, who was DOM, a Mr, David Higgins (who sadly passed a few years ago). I remember an American couple looking and taking pictures , saying its nice to see such an old organ..... it was only a year old at the time, ha ha ha
  2. I used to go to all the Bank holiday recitals at Newcastle (Timothy Hone was DOM then) and recorded one of them, thats now lost sadly
  3. I agree 100% with you, and on that note, why did Sheffield Cathedral, not peruse it, asking for help from various sponsors, Freemasons, lottery... maybe they did. It seems that via the Facebook web page, that Warrington Council just seem to think "its in the way". Enough abought the CC at Warrington, as its been talked at length, on this forum and others, suffice to say, its an ongoing problem
  4. this is good news indeed as its "the" C C in the uk, I think, , but for a church or cathedral wanting to provide a historically important organ, the costs of buying/ removing /renovating and installing said organ, was just a tad too much (imho) I did hear a figure of £3 million plus been bandied around
  5. I heard via a C C group on facebook, that the Warrington council were wanting too much for their organ (over a million £), so its a no go,
  6. I was there when it arrived, and helped Peter Collins, and his team bring it into the church
  7. St Oswalds in Durham. It maybe classed as new (1988?), but looks a lot older
  8. A "good looking" case/organ, is the Father Willis, that was moved from the hospital chapel at Winterton, near Durham, to the parish church of St. Brandon, at Brancepeth, also near Durham. Mr Richard Hird, who is well known in organists circles, up in the North East, was organist at Winterton, before it was closed. I did take my "reel to reel" tape recorder there, one night, but sadly have lost the sound files
  9. this is a very interesting approach. I know my girl friend does not care much or organ music, and has only accompanied me on one, thus far, maybe if it also included a piece or 2 of "something else", then that would be a good thing, right? ? or something that she recognises, not Messiaen tho (sorry, but that does my brain in at times, so there is no chance for her, ha ha ha)
  10. ALL my recordings (over 200) are done with the permission of the recitalist,( David Briggs, Nathan Laube, etc), and the church or cathedral putting on the recital, plus, many weeks or days preceding (by email), its just for my own personal pleasure, as its a hobby, . And if say they say no, then thats fine, I just enjoy the music, one time only :-)
  11. I know what he felt like, I have been that man countless times, a person near me coughed very loudly in Liverpool cathedral, the needles on my recorder jumped, as if the Trompette Militaire had suddenly be drawn during a Bach Chorale ?
  12. I would love to go, but sadly London is too far. My dad and James Lancelot paid a visit there, a few months ago, and had a good time, also Simon Lindley, was the Grand Organist, and is now Paul Bowen, I think, both have played for us at Durham Cathedral
  13. on the same kind of note, my dad organised a recital by an "eminent city organist", in Durham Cathedral, a few years ago. OK, it was to raise money for a charity, ran by the Freemasons, of which the recitalist and my dad/me, are. take away the 250 masons, and it would have been a very mediocre turn out indeed
  14. personally I just think its an inherent "British" thing. I have seen a few hundred people at continental recitals, and the same programme played by the same organist over here, has hardly made a dent on the seats used
  15. I went to hear john Scott Whiteley and the organist of Sheffield cathedral. they were playing at Holy Trinity (Hull Minster) a few years ago.... there were a handful on both occasions
  16. you are right, of course Martin, I suppose, I was just hoping really, as there seems to be no organ music played in recital, in the Harrogate/Knaresborough area, one has to go to leeds/york/skipton areas
  17. I have known a certain large organ in our area for many years. A friend, now deceased, rebuilt it, and another friend, also now deceased, put a couple of electronic Pedal ranks in. Its is a 4 manual , complete with Schultz pipe work, and a natural Tuba. I am not wanting to say where it is, although some might guess which Parish church it is. Anyway, I was listening to one of my first ever recordings from 1980 something, and got all nostalgic, as one does, and decided to write to the esteemed DOM. here is the reply, its makes sense I suppose, but hiding a nice instrument away, seems a s
  18. not quite the 70's, and no flares in sight?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtrKdt7saCc
  19. HOW MUCH?????, a lot of churches would die for that kind of money, in some places. What a waste
  20. Ross Cobb (Organist and Director of Music, St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney) to St John’s Cathedral to give the next recital in this year’s Twilight International Organ Series. Ross studied at the Guildhall School of Music, the Royal Academy of Music, and King's College London (where he was an assistant to the late David Trendell), and was the first Thalben-Ball Organ Scholar at St Michael's, Cornhill. He was later Director of Music at Christ Church Clifton in Bristol, and St Barnabas' Kensington in London. In 2005, Ross relocated to Sydney to take up the position of Organist and Director of Musi
  21. Conrad was a clever man in 71, ish lol
  22. there are few sound clips on FB, sounds nice, well done
  23. I do not know, I just gleaned the info at organ recitals.com, and clicked on the organ tab..
  24. nice to see someone post something newcastle has a "toaster" now. I made one of my first recordings, back when Time Hone was DOM and before a toaster was there
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