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  1. I visit this site every day, and as a "non player", I find some the posts very interesting, but sadly not seen any "new post since 19/10 17. The old adage comes to mind from when I was doing farmers markets, in Yorkshire..... " use it or loose it
  2. "money" is the problem found in all organs, whether running costs, rebuilds. People today (20017) have different priorities, food, family, etc .Rich benefactors are needed, but they are either answering to others, or not interested , as Barry knows, eg Hull
  3. will see what I can do, it may take a few days, as have quite a few personal thing to sort out first
  4. I fully understand Charles, have replied. one of the stories I was told, years ago, was that of an american couple who said the west end organ wood support looked very very old, only to be told it was just 5 years old :-)
  5. Restore????, it does not seem 5 mins, since I helped unload said organ, with Peter Collins,and had many a drink with my dad and the late organist, David Higgins, after dads organ lesson, (and my recordings on reel to reel of the organ)
  6. just had a friend point this one out to me, its well played I think
  7. I had a reply from "churchmouse", on a post I made on FB, the other day, about traveling up to Hexham Abbey.... and she made the very valid comment about the recitalist, taking a strong position about his/hers audience . And of course Advertising is also a massive role to take to. The organ fest in Hull, deserves to be greatly supported, I know, all being well, I shall be attending :-) But recitals over in the UK, in the main, are not well attended, apart from so called "celebrity" recitals, Manchester Cathedral, being one, no matter the venue. I was at a recital a few years ago, and it
  8. was it a blind dog? for the visually impaired
  9. I remember a few years ago, when talking to Robert Sharpe, that I had a good friend, who had quite a few private recordings of the Minster organ , from the 50's and early 60's. He asked if he could hear them, maybe this was a precursor to any alterations, then again, probably not
  10. I know this is slightly off topic, but it is to do with York Minster. I went to James Lancelot's recital there, last night (sat), and it was fantastic. He got sounds out of that organ, as if he was DOM there. Apparently, he only came down twice during the week to practice. It was note perfect throughout, and a very rare,standing ovation at the end, was very fitting . His appreciative smile brought a ray of light into that space, so much so, it brought a lump to a few peoples throats. Perfection.....
  11. I will have to go, and take a friend who lives in Manchester took her to York and Beverley minster last year..... she enjoyed it :-)
  12. Apparently, one of the "most loved stops" on the Durham Cathedral organ, is the French Horn,was told this by JBL, a few years ago
  13. just seen this on my FB page, its very good imho
  14. Has the film "prayer for the dying" been seen?, quite a good bit with the IRA chap (Liam Neeson I believe), messing about, prodding the odd key And when the police detective comes into the church, and asks the vicar who it was, to which the reply came "he is the tuner. So the detctive goes up to liam Neeson, and asks him to play something, and after the tension of looking as if he is going o be found out, he only breaks into a Bach Prelude Peter
  15. Just a reminder, that on saturday, 2nd Oct, a friend of mine, is playing a recital in Durham Cathedral, as part of my fathers masonic fundraising endeavours here Peter
  16. She is a lady who I have known for a while now, and she is very straight forward and knows what she likes, music wise, and is coming with me, because I asked her too. The only organ music she has heard before, was in a "wedding" situation, and was not very impressed. And Keiths proggrame is very "light". and there is my favourite Bach, BWV542, so will be an entertaining evening, even had my dad invite himself down from Durham, but he can pay for the stop over himself
  17. an "organ recital virgin", even her twin sons were gobsmacked when said she was going, but thats what "friends" do??, no doubt she will get her own back make me go shopping in Foster Square, on sunday, now THATS a fate worse than hearing/feeling a 32@ Contra Tuba
  18. Just like to mention, the talented young organ ambassador, Keith Hearnshaw, will be delighting those attend Bridlington Priory series, a week on Sat. And I have even managed to take a friend, albeit kicking and screaming, and who is prefering the "sticking of needles in her eye", (she is an organ recital virgin and although its costing me dinner and a night stay over, and the stick of "Brid rock, I am sure she will enjoy it, watching the large video screen Peter
  19. Just had this shown to me, its one of my favourite Bach fugues. What do the more disscerning amonst you think?? Peter
  20. Just thought I would mention what an enjoyable evening was had, at St Giles, in Pontefract last night. ( enjoyable and Pontefract in the same sentence too ) A staggering performance was given by a local ex Wakefield lad, by the name of John Scott, riveting stuff indeed Peter
  21. It was a spledid recital, but was spoilt slightly by a cypher half way through a piece, but was duly stopped, as was a bad one, and Micael Smith, the organist, and Paul Derret, got it sorted in quick time, hats off to all concerned. "Play continued" with out further hitch. Met them both a few times now, and his mum is certainly a great lady. For something that will make a change, Keith Hearnshaw is there on aug 31st, and will certainly be different, recomended Peter
  22. Are there any board members attending the Bridlington Priory recital, give by D'Arcy Trinkwon tomorrow evening, 26th Peter
  23. whilst slightly bored this afternoon, I came upon this clip Its been said that the original composer, who I am a big fan of, wrote this piece in about 1972, for a "concept album". It was recorded originally on the organ in St. Giles, Cripplegate, then had a drum and minimoog synth part added to it in the studio. The chap who is playing it, has made a CD or 2, of some of the "prog rock" of that era, played on a pipe organ (not a toaster) and also a piano some will like it, and some will be mortified no doubt. Peter
  24. it was prob just me then, so used to not having a "tea break" in the middle of an organ recital. I did a very rough head count, and got 240, so was a good turn out, especially on a cold night
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