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  1. I too was "stuck" in bradford , missed out on a lunch buffet, , but what was worse,,,,, it was paid for 2 weeks ago. It was my first Bradford recital, and loved the bit where he said it was in sore need of a " 32' pedal reed"
  2. well,twas a good concert, and love him or hate him, carlo can certainly put "bums" on seats, the place was packed, and hope some interest was given to the BOA. The only. i found a bit much, was the fact there was a 25 min intermission in the middle, ok, so CD and DVD's had to be sold sometime. Was it me, or has CC mellowed a bit over the intervening years peter
  3. Found this whilst surfing, coments welcome, the sound is good quality too
  4. I shall be there hopefully, and WILL bring you "that" recording I promised you a while back Peter
  5. I remember a short while ago, when james Lancelot, (DoM Durham cath) was president of our organ ass, for his presidents evening, he played, amonst other things, BWV529 on his H&H house organ acompanied with 3 string players, it was so beautiful, and warmed the spirit somewhat, and I was sat between Mark Venning and his wife, and they really enjoyed it to. Peter
  6. My typing skills are bad, sorry The first LP that I bought for my father was of a guy called Charles Benbow, and had the bwv529, which has been my own personal favorite piece for years. It was played, I think, at the German Evangelical Church, in Paris, A small 2 man and ped, a picture of JSB sat at "a" console adorned the front cover Peter
  7. I am not sure, its a long time since I listened to them. I believe it was one of the last recordings Michael Woodward made, and went straight to CD, i think. Priory have re issued all of his previous work from vinyl, so not too sure what will happen to this little gem. And the organ sounds very good (well to my ears) and as usual the sleeve notes are excellent and include the registrations used. Peter
  8. What about Peter le Hurrays version from catherines??? college in cambridge, they are very good Peter
  9. And I would like to take this opportunity to make know that on Sat 31st, Dr Simon Lindley, is playing at Durham Cathedral. This is an annual event that my father organises, to raise funds for his Masonic "Mark" Charity, and as such a number of "non" musicians are attending, a popular town hall style programe has been arranged. Peter organ recitals.com
  10. I just found this, and found it facinating, a child of only 10 playing the large Disney Hall organ. Peter
  11. A friend just passed me these. Hope you find them ok. and those who would like a "state Trumpet" Peter
  12. Tomorrow evening at York Minster Organ Recital by David Sanger (President of The Royal College of Organists). Including Mendelssohn's Prelude & fugue in C Minor and music by Bach, Saint-Saens, Vierne, Karg-Elert and Martin (Passacaille) be there or be square, as the ex's son used to say Peter
  13. ok, I will put my hands up, I did not hear it all the way through, due to download problems, it is very fast tho, lol, that will teach me to listen first before posting anything. The "other half" did say at the weekend, that I have a habit of "opening mouth, before engaging the brain do'nt know what she meant peter
  14. whilst restoring my first "Bach" Lp, (that I bought for my dad, but he never recieved it ) to CD, I was looking for a picture of the organ, but got side tracked, as you do, and came over Peter
  15. I know its early, but I would like to recomend these peter the 18th august
  16. The Doctor's artistry and stamina are simply staggering. He is 92 in October! MKR You are certainly right there malcolm, 92, and still performing well. My friend who you kindly gave permission to record your Bridlington recital last year, has recorded FJ on many occasions, (and has some of his first ever recordings) and this years York Minster recital will certainly be done, now there's a "little bit" of history, put down on tape for years to come. And to think that some people have long since stopped playing in the public eye, years before, long may he continue to give us mome
  17. I admire the work that Stephen does to make available the listings. And the recital that Simon Lindley is giving at Durham Cathedral in October 2009 ( which my father organises for his Masonic fundraiser, 200 people attended there last year) is advertised on OR.com Peter
  18. I always look at organ recital.com, to see whats on, its just there have been recitals?concerts, call them what you will, given here over a period of time, that may not have been advertised at the above .com Peter
  19. I agree Paul, Organ recital.com does not give all the recitals there are, unless someone has put them there in the first place, and like many forum members, this "board" is my next port of call after checking my e-mail. So as they say, "you read it here first" Peter
  20. and what about that beautiful instrument that is Beverley Minster?. Saw and heard the new D o M, Robert Poyser on Easter monday and D'Arcy Trinkwon on sat last, Now that is an under recorded organ, save for the few recordings that Alan Spedding made there during his long and illustrious tenure Ripon Cathedral too Peter
  21. Very nice, reminds me of an accordian ( the bit after 2'10) playing BWV 565 in the french metro one evening a while back Peter
  22. It is a wee bit slower than usual, but there again my mobile modem thing is slow anyhow. Is it just me being a non P.C. savvy butcher, but I have now got that Real Player, and it downloads these u tube videos, and you can "save" them, and then burn them, I have just found out after all these years Peter
  23. talking about David Liddle, reminds me when I first met him and his mother, one warm sunday in May, a few years ago in the Maddeline in Paris, a stunning recital, and also in All Saints, Hessle, Hull, not so long ago. A marvellous performer Peter
  24. Thomas Trotter is playing Leeds Town Hall on monday 2nd Feb at 1.oopm
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