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  1. ... in the fullness of time ... :-) Webmaster, Mander Organs
  2. Dominic: are you really interested in pipe organs and organ music? I have been moderating on-line discussion boards for about 9 years, and something about your posts seemed to ring false and prompted me to make further enquiries about you. As a result of what I have discovered, I will be keeping a close eye on what you write here. In the meantime, may I ensure that you know that the moderators have the last word about what is advertised here. Mander Organs webmaster
  3. I have now had an opportunity to talk to John Mander, and we both feel that blogging software (eg "Blogger") would fulfill your requirements far better than posting here. You can start a blog with/on Google - free and extraordinarily easy to use - http://www.blogger.com/start?hl=en - and have your own comments section there. On this board, you could post a link to your blog. Mander Organs webmaster
  4. Could you give me time to consult John Mander on your request - I think that he is sur le continent at the moment, so I will have to e-mail him and await his answer - in the meantime, any chance instead of your putting your updates on another web site and then posting the URL of that web site here? Mander Organs webmaster
  5. In case anyone is wondering why John Mander himself has not yet commented on this thread: at the moment, he is in the antipodes, and the only available Internet access is dial-up, at 9600 bps... Rachel, for Mander Organs
  6. I can access this on-line - if you would like to give some detail about your set up (processor, browser, browser version, which edition of RealPlayer etc), I will try to help you fix this. Rachel, for Mander Organs
  7. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Noel Mander, founder of Mander Organs, at the age of 93. After a full life he passed away peacefully on 18 September 2005. He will be much missed by his family, friends and colleagues. Noel Mander MBE FSA was born on 19 May 1912 in Crouch near Wrotham and brought up in Brockley in South London, moving to East Sheen. Having left school (which he hated) he went to work for A & C Black the publishers, the family having been involved in publishing. The office work did not suit him however and through his uncle, Frederick Pike, he met I
  8. On behalf of John Mander, thank you. Moderator, Mander Organs
  9. Post script: having spent half an hour going through all Leathered-Lips' posts and deleting perhaps two dozen - dreadful, even a joke about the car crash in which HRH The Princess of Wales died - I am enforcing moderator preview of Leathered-Lips' contributions for two weeks, ie until the Mander family are well past Noel Mander's funeral. Moderator, Mander Organs
  10. Thank you for this. I have corrected these. Two (2, not 1 3/5) is what I have here on the "copy", so I will await John Mander's further instruction on this. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for pointing that out. Now corrected. I will check the whole specification for typos.
  12. This and a couple of other comments on this thread have been edited to remove bad-tempered language. Moderator, Mander Organs
  13. This forum is moderated with the lightest of touches. No one said that any specific instrument could not be mentioned. No one is even thinking of censuring robust and interesting discussion by people who love and/or are knowledgeable about organs. However, it is not unreasonable to request that the intemperate and counterproductive language in parts of the Ally Pally thread does not migrate in comments to your post.
  14. This post of yours is fine but I would like to remind people not to graft the over-heated Ally Pally discussion onto this thread. Moderator, on behalf of Mander Organs
  15. No, I didn't single you out. Moderator, on behalf of Mander Organs.
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