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  1. Last Sunday afternoon at St Paul's , Simon Johnson played a programme entirely made up of transcriptions, beginning with the Clarke Trumpet Voluntary - using the West Trumpets. Through Maurice Greene, Handel, the Barber Adagio, finishing with Maurice Besly's arrangement of the Stravinsky Berceuse & Finale from The Firebird. It was a treat to have the Dome Console in use, generally not the case for Sunday recitals. The programme noted that Simon has just recorded a DVD (for Priory I think) using this console. Next week (24th January) the Organ Scholar Tim Harper is joined by Mic
  2. I also wish to add my appreciation of our visit to Worcester Cathedral. It was a day full of interest. The cathedral made a wise decision in both ordering a new organ and in its inspired choice of organ builder. Our host, Adrian, was both witty and informative. At one stage, Adrian asked the assembled company if there was anything we felt was missing from the new organ. I suggested a diaphone, but my suggestion of adding a diaphone Chamades wasn’t met with his approval. A lot has been written about our generous hosts. I want to thank the members of this board that performed on the orga
  3. Two more for the day please Adrian. Alan
  4. It was of great regret to me, that I coudn't attend. I had already booked for the BIOS day. Alan
  5. The Rushworth web site is still live http://www.musiclink.co.uk/rushworths/ Alan
  6. There was a very good attendance Colin. About 100 plus. It was good to see Jennifer Bate and Richard Hills at the event. It all went very well. The Bryceson organ was heard by itself, and also accompanied a recorder played expertly by Martin Stacey's talented wife. What with the use of the Fr Willis as well, the concert went on for nearly 2 hours. The Bryceson is to feature for at least one piece, in further recitals. As usual the evening finished at the local pub. Alan
  7. . I was rather hoping it would be the sexy Jennifer Bate with a special cat walk leading from the organ loft door to the altar and new pink lighting with tasteful sparkly adornments hanging from the shades. Ah, so you have heard Jennifer is to be sub organist. Alan
  8. I am very surprised that the news hasn't leaked out. It is to be Carlo Curley. The cathedral has ordered two manuals to be added to the console. These will work the new theatre section. This new section is to be housed in chambers which will be suspended over the high altar. The console is also to be placed on a lift which will rise from the crypt. Alan
  9. There is a recital this Saturday. With drinks at a nearby pub after. Do come and experiance this wonder organ. Alan
  10. I am please to announce that the heating is now turned on for the recitals. last months was a little too warm. Alan
  11. I would like to bring to your attention that Martin Stacey of St Dominic's Priory, is attempting to save a 1860's Bryceson. I paste below the details. Alan As some of you already know, for the past two years I have been trying to save an organ built in the 1860's by Bryceson of London, which was being thrown out of a church in the West Country. The instrument has been promised a good home within a mile of where it was built, but I urgently need to raise a relatively small amount of money in a short space of time for this to be possible as the original funding was withdrawn. If
  12. I have mentioned the wonderful Fr Willis organ in St Dominic's Priory. I paste below a list of the recitals for 2007. This organ is well worth travelling to hear. Saturday 24th March Ian Coleman St Anselm & St Cecilia, Holborn Saturday 21st April Roger Sayer Organist of Rochester Cathedral Saturday 19th May Martin Stacey St Dominic's Priory Saturday 16th June Ashley Grote Assistant Organist of Westminster Abbey Saturday 14th July David Graham Farm Street, London Head of Organ Studies RCM No Recital in August Saturday 15th September Martin Stacey St
  13. We the web masters of www.alexandrapalaceorgan.com are heartened to hear that the ownership of the console has now been transferred over to the AP. This information will be placed on our web site. However, the latest letter isn’t unsigned. And we stated that it was a copy of a communication to the appeal committee. We note with much interest, the large numbers of people who read this topic on the Mander web site. Alan Taylor John Winn
  14. The web masters of www.alexandrapalaceorgan.com have recieved what we believe to be an important letter from a past treasurer of the appeal. This letter takes the form of a series of questions to the appeal commitee. The letter has now been published on the above named web site. Alan
  15. The demise of the Worcester console is very sad. Surely it could have been retained as a museum piece? Alan I'm afraid the old console is no more. A
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