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  1. Today I discovered a wonderful webpage, dedicated to historical organ recordings. It has two absolutely stunning and -in many aspects- historically very important recordings of Fritz Heitmann. First, the 1950 recording on the (then brand-new) Schuke-organ in the Gruft-Kapelle of the Berlin Dom with excerpts of Bachs Kunst der Fuge and second, the 1938 recording with excerpts of Bachs Clavierübung Dritter Teil on de Schnitger-organ in Castle Charlottenburg (destroyed in WWII). There are also very rare and (to me) unknown recordings by Marcel Dupré, André Marchal and others. http://i
  2. I'm searching for the score of a Sowerby Toccata. Since Sowerby has apparently written more than one Toccata I've placed a file with the first minute of the piece on the web for identifying: http://members.ziggo.nl/theovis/sowerby.mp3 The piece is played by Cathrine Crozier on a CD-recording (organ Aeolian-Skinner op 1309). This is NOT the Toccata in the Hinrichsen Series Anthology of Organ Music. Somewhere I read about a Toccata published by H.W.Gray but I cannot find and order it anywhere. Any help is highly appreciated! Theo Visser
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