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    It shows 50 degrees as the angular separation between the box open and box closed positions, plus other dimensions.



    I have what is probably the same document, but I read the angle as 50 degrees above horizontal when box is closed and my copy of the AGO specification I read as 41 degrees from vertical but with no indication of box position, however I am no expert in reading technical drawings...

  2. I find the best funeral fees on a freelance basis can got from services where you are booked direct by the Funeral Director and you negotiate the fee with them. These days they are often so grateful if they can find someone who even knows that the manuals are played with the hands and the pedals with the feet!




    Seriously, how bad is it now? I haven't played, other than at home, for over 25 years so am really out of touch. Maybe I should make myself known to the powers that be and earn a few extra pennies.

  3. This looks to be quite an appealing specification with something of a sticky future ahead.


    "2008 - organ to be removed Jan. 2009 and scrapped unless another home

    can be found; (DPi);"


    I understand it's being dismantled w/c 12 January and then going to Abertillery in Wales

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