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  1. I wonder if any of the brethren noticed a rather interesting flower vase in front of the nave altar.......
  2. Presumably there are a vast number of organists who have no interest whatsoever in directing choirs. Why should it be assumed that organists are singers or have knowledge of vocal technique or choir training? The appointment of a singer as DoM at St Paul's seemed to me to be hugely sensible. Did a similar situation exist in Liverpool during the time of Messrs Woan & Rawsthorne?
  3. As a result of Covid restrictions and social distancing, Liverpool Cathedral's Annual Festival Evensong and 94th Anniversary Recital will take place on both Saturday 17th October and Sunday 18th October at 3.00pm., and will be played, as is customary, by Ian Tracey (Cathedral Organist). This will be his 40th Anniversary Recital and marks the completion of his 40th year as Cathedral Organist. Admission is via the EVENTBRITE website where specific tickets must be booked - all instructions appear there. Admission is £10 and is gratis to Patrons of the Organ, on production of a membership card, (a
  4. Good news! The Welsh Government has lifted its ban on the use of pipe organs in churches..... The BBC website news is just reporting the ban this afternoon - 2 days after it has been lifted! Hey ho..... THE REPRESENTATIVE BODY OF THE CHURCH IN WALES CORONAVIRUS – COVID19 GUIDANCE ON MUSIC AND THE PLAYING OF CHURCH ORGANS From the 7th August 2020, Welsh Government has confirmed that church organs can now be played in churches as part of private prayer, marriages, funerals or worship activities. This note seeks to provide guidance on how this might be unde
  5. At the moment the situation in Wales is somewhat different in that the Welsh Government has banned the use of the pipe organ in church services in Wales! This is based on the amazing assumption that as a wind instrument the organ will spread the virus on the air. Of course that leaves us with the small problem of drafts from windows, central heating, and even opening the door to get into the church on a windy day! :-) I'm not aware of any clergy colleagues who have spoken out about this, but I've sent a message to all my friends in Wales to get on to their Welsh Senedd members to get the b
  6. I remember Jennifer Bate coming to Colwyn Bay in the mid-1980s to give a recital on the Conacher/Cowin organ at St Paul's Church (and I guess having to give a recital on that organ would have been an ordeal for anyone). But... she certainly delighted and thrilled us all with her music that evening. Later on I purchased her Messiaen recordings from Beauvais Cathedral and one or two others. But now I think of it, I don't seem to have heard much about her in ages and ages. Was she still active in the organ world? There doesn't seem to be too much comment about one of our great organist recita
  7. Just looking at the Sheffield organ, I see that it is a Phoenix rebuild of a Copemann Hart, but I'm not sure what has become of the Mander pipe organ, whether it is still there or gone. I noticed on the stop-list of the present instrument that the nomenclature of the stops seems to be a curious mix of French, German and English. For example I see that there are names in different languages for the several flutes in the organ. These include on the Great a Hohl Flute 8’ and in French (presumably) a Flûte Harmonique 8’. In the Swell there is a Rohr Flute at 8' and also a Flûte Traversière
  8. As a very distinguished former organist of York Minster once told me, "One is in a constant battle with the mentality of 'if it works, change it'". :)
  9. Least of all Sir Christopher Wren..... 😎
  10. Now all we need is an alien organ scholar.... 😎
  11. Well I see the console is sold for the princely sum of £940. Hopefully if for a domestic setting the winning bidder will have observed this thread.... 😎
  12. Just out of idle curiosity, would the floor have to be strengthened? It looks a heavy brute.....
  13. I'd understood that Canterbury had a Hammond. So was that their second foray into electronics? See HERE
  14. And the next thing we need to know is which major organ building company or consultant apparently said that the organ was of no significant value - thus scuppering the Heritage Lottery application. This is such a tragic loss.
  15. A great pipe organ trashed... Richard Hills at the Wolverhampton Compton
  16. I was so sorry to read this news, and after having had a chat with his successor, Ian Tracey, I have some further information to share about Noel. NOEL RAWSTHORNE (1929-2019) Noel Rawsthorne passed away peacefully in the early hours of Monday 28th January, aged 89 years. He was Organist of Liverpool Cathedral for twenty-five years from 1955-1980, thereafter being succeeded by his pupil and Assistant, Ian Tracey, the current post-holder, and being given the honorific title of Organist Emeritus. After study at the Royal Manchester College of Music (now The Royal Northern College
  17. I have all of the DVDs and also the Regent DVDS and I'm looking forward to receiving the new Westminster Abbey recording in the next few days or so. I've just about given up buying organ CDs because I have so many of them that I'll never get to listen to them all unless I have organ CDs playing 24/7/365! But I simply can't resist the DVDs because they provide much more that is of interest to me. What organ would I like to see recorded? Richard Hills at the Guildhall, Southampton would be BRILLIANT! Perhaps Westminster Cathedral? And yes some of the recent rebuilds would be grea
  18. Very much enjoyed the "last verse" arrangements. Did big last verses go "out of fashion"? It seems that some organists do them and others don't. Are they considered vulgar? (bearing in mind that good taste is the enemy of great art). The Abbey organ certainly seemed to make its presence felt....
  19. This from the Piporg-L archive of Tuesday 6 May 1997: Tom in Feenix wrote: >>I have been told the word Chrysoglott is taken from old Greek and means silver tongue. --Actually, Gold! Likewise, Chrysostom means Gold Mouth. Greek word for silver is Argurion, like Latin Argentum. --Jonathan the pedantic Chicago
  20. And then one day, the organist of 40+ years standing gets decrepit and old, and no longer able to play and jealously guard the instrument. Perhaps he or she dies. Then.... who is going to play the organ for that church? I frankly think it's disgusting that organists think that they (and their pupils) have sole rights to the console. After all, who paid for the organ in the first place?
  21. The Colwyn Bay Conacher is still at St Paul's. It was rebuilt in the very early 1960s by John H Cowin of Liverpool. Even in those days it was a cheap rebuild and the fact that it is still playing is nothing short of a miracle. To be sure, in it's present state it's not very good. The Cowin console is now more or less completely worn out and I believe that there is to be some electrical work carried out very shortly (I think by David Wells) and that a new console will be provided. It has the lovely stencilled pipework - alas that the choir stalls obscure the lower part of the chancel organ
  22. I must say that I do think that the Conacher case designs and particularly their pipe stencilling can be very pretty. Having said that I have two in churches in my care and both are plain and not particularly pretty (IMHO). The organ in the Church of St John the Baptist, Old Colwyn dates from about 1904 (and I wonder if it came from somewhere else or was originally designed for the church). It was originally a two manual tracker and then at some time later a pneumatic choir of six stops was installed. The stops are set on jambs at 90 degrees to the keyboards and the whole thing is INCREDIBL
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