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  1. Yippee.... mine just arrived, and from what I see thus far, it was well worth the wait!
  2. Oh.. that's hopeful. I'm sure I ordered one, and have been aware that it's been issued now for about two or three weeks, but I haven't had my copy, although the Gillian Weir DVD arrived about 3 or 4 weeks ago (and is still on my desk unopened).
  3. A couple of years ago I allowed a friendly Pentecostal pastor to have a "Pentecost Praise" service in Church. Praise Band was all set up and I was told that they had re-discovered a wonderful hymn "I stand amazed in the presence", which is a standard from Redemption Hymnal! They then proceeded to play and sing what is essentially an upbeat hymn ... exxxxxxxxxtreeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmely S L O W... causing me to ask whether slow is the new fast in contemporary Christian music. (It really needed me to climb on to the organ bench to show them how it should go, but they were that busy being ever so holy, that I thought it may be a shade erm,,, ungracious of me.)
  4. Ulp... Beverley Minster!!! But whatever the Minster, it would be very refreshing to hear some different hymns.... If you hear a loud scream emanating from the North Wales Coastal Area, you will know that we have had another repeat of "To God be the glory....!"
  5. I can't help noticing that the repertoire of hymns on Songs of Praise is becoming very limited indeed. Whilst I like "Christ Triumphant, ever reigning", I'm sure we only heard it a couple of weeks ago, and yet there it was again last evening from Southwell Minster (good shots of the organ pipes, but no console shots!). The same goes for many of the hymns on that prog just lately. Could it be that when they have that brass ensemble they only have a few musical arrangements so they're trying to get their money's worth out of them? I fear that S of P is becoming very weary (even wearisome) these days. Or maybe I am in a grouchy mood today. Has any one else noticed the endless repetition?
  6. Well when ya gotta go, ya gotta go! But I have heard that Hell is the place where you can't get near to the fire for vicars..... BTW having been married to an American for 19 years it's "could care less" in our house!
  7. I mean they would if they could!
  8. I often find myself wondering why we wear any of this stuff or consider it to be remotely important. Most people in our land could care less.
  9. I can't for the life of me find my MA hood and wonder where it hath gone....
  10. It must be that the RSCM does not have a computer so they don't know who is a member and who ain't..... :angry:
  11. I think that we paid an RSCM subscription of about £74 roughly five years ago, but have never paid since. Was that sub a one-off then? I thought it was an annual sub. In that case, are we still affiliated? Q
  12. It is a great mystery to me as to how on earth I manage to receive the RSCM's Church Music Quarterly magazine (and associated stuff) without having a subscription. Does anyone else on this list receive this freebie? And if so, why/how ? Does the RSCM not have a computer system to advise them who subscribes and who doesn't?? :angry:
  13. I think that you may be referring to Rosa Rio (June 2, 1902 – May 13, 2010), born Elizabeth Raub, who was an American organist who began as a silent film accompanist. She became a leading organist on network radio and continued to perform until age 107. With a 100-year career, she was one of the oldest performers in the music industry, along with Swiss-born tenor Hugues Coenod-108 and 106-year-old Johannes Heesters.
  14. Nobody's told me either.... Q
  15. Non-organically, QB is now Area Dean of St Asaph!
  16. Whilst not strictly 100% on topic, is fun!
  17. Funny thing is that just lately none of the links on this site (including the Youtube links) seem to work on my computer and I can't for the life of me work out why...
  18. I don't usually do Saturday evening gigs but this is VERY tempting - should be a sonic blast!
  19. I notice that there has been no mention of the upcoming "The Organists Entertain at Liverpool Cathedral" which is to take place this Saturday 26th June 2010 19:30 - 21:30 On this very special night, in aid of the Cathedral Organ Appeal, five celebrated organists including Nigel Ogden, Professor Ian Tracey, Daniel Bishop, Ian Wells & Martyn Noble will be playing on six different instruments This gala concert will be performed in the magnificent setting of the Cathedral, using six different instruments including the Cathedral Grand organ, three Makin digital instruments and two small pipe organs from David Wells. This is a night not to be missed for variety, virtuosity, decibels and sheer entertainment and is held in aid of the Cathedral Organ Appeal. Admission is £10 per person on the door Further information from Daniel Bishop (Associate Organist, Liverpool Cathedral) at daniel.bishop@liverpoolcathedral.org.uk Sounds like fun?? QB
  20. I heard the hymn Hail Thee Festival Day for the first time in St Mark's, Berkeley USA a number of years back and was very thrilled by it. The wonderful David Higgs was the organist at that time and had (iirc) a Flentrop organ to play. But it's a complicated hymn. Do any of our organists/choir people etc have any suggestions as to how one would introduce this to a congregation where there isn't a strong choir? I once tried it in my last parish and ermmm.... they swiftly gave up!
  21. Maybe it's not the old tyme religion that needs to collapse.....
  22. Hey Justin Thnaks for the best laugh I've had in ages! DQB
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