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  1. Yes - I went to the two Willis concerts by Gerard, the St David's Hall demonstration for kids (with my family - we enjoyed it) and the Briggs concert. I missed the Museum concert because I was depping for the artist! I aslo ran one of the open console sessions. It seemed to go well, but I can't give the perpective of a 'visitor'.
  2. Clever - makes no sense until you see it from inside the choir!
  3. I'm not sure 'dead' is the right word, but there is not a huge accoustic. There are lots of hard surfaces for sound to bounce off. For me, having been there, the great thing was that the organ was not overwhelming, because there were several hundred people there to soak up the excessive edge of the instrument. When the building is more or less empty it can be overwhelming. I once made the mistake of going to a recital with the beginnings of a headache...... There were comments on the night about how close the organ had been miked up. If I remember the microphones were under the Majes
  4. This is fantastic. But it is wierd that it it is being done under the 'Snape Maltings' banner, given that their Hindmarsh organ of the same vintage was stuck in a cupboard for so many years. It is great that both the Snape and Turner Sims organs have found new homes where they will be well used.
  5. A couple of years ago, I was chatting to Peter Hindmarsh over tea in the middle of a tuning job, and to cut a long story short I ended up buying his chamber organ from Snape Maltings and repatriating it to Wales. Peter has given the organ a thorough 45-year overhaul, and at my request added a proper transposing mechanism to replace the rather ad-hoc arrangements that had been added locally at some point. This allowed the rather damaged key-cheeks to be replaced. In the period that the organ was completed (1973-4), Britten and Pears were advised by Ralph Downes who suggested the event
  6. For one reason or another I stumbled across this post and read the thread from the beginning with an increased sense of excitement and intrigue as I went as I was unaware of the final result. It's a great thread with a great out come, and worth re-reading. 1) I knew this organ from a very long time ago, and I was very confused about where it was when I last went to Turner Sims (to see Harvey and the Wallbangers!) last year. 2) My goodfather and Uncle was a prison chaplain at Holsley and then priest of Shottisham, Bawdsey, Sutton and Alderton for many years and was a frequent visitor
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