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  1. Did you get any pipework?
  2. I wonder if the Worcester scheme will ever be completed.
  3. Quite a lot of Vox Angelicas were really Salicionals, St Pauls Blackheath and St Mary Hurst Hill are examples. Barrie
  4. Yes, you are right Tony, I have only ever come across a couple of these devices. Barrie
  5. The funniest I have seen was a sign saying, "Beware crescendo pedal" !!!
  6. The only mention of an organ there is by Ebrall no mention of a Nicholson, but maybe this is an NPOR problem, to be honest I have stopped sending entries in as they never get added.
  7. An excellent selection David.
  8. Hi Katherine, Would it be at all possible for you to send me the specification of the organ and I will try and get it entered on NPOR? Best wishes, Barrie
  9. My general understanding is that the Bishop whose Cathedral it is has to ask the Dean for permission.
  10. I have the builders leaflet and the secondary Swell was inside the main Swell box.
  11. Yes, it would appear to be the case, Hexham Abbey had 5 manual departments, but I think the Echo was a floating division.
  12. I simply dislike digital additions they rarely blend well with the pipework.
  13. There is an article in Organists Review May 2010 about the organ, a lot of the pipework in the new organ is original.
  14. I cannot find the Tunstall organ on NPOR can anyone help? Best wishes Barrie
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