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  1. RE Royal Albert HALL Recital. I notice someone said that they preferred live concerts to CDs. I have a different sort of problem. I used to belong to the organ club, but I have perfect pitch. Some churches were excellent, but I am sorry to say that others either had some sort of problem, or had not been tuned before the visit. I found the Albert Hall to be fine on the two occasions I went there. I have never yet found a CD or Tape that has been recorded when the organ was not in tune. What are other people's views on this.
  2. JERRY


    Hi First I would like to know what temperament Mander's tune their istruments to. I gather from another thread that equal temperament is not liked. How long does it take to train as a tuner, and how do you concentrate when there are outside noises going on? What is the usual method used for tuning pipes? I see that cone tuning is still used but I was told by a tuner that this way can cause a lot of damage over time. Is it any more stable than slot or slide tuning? Thanks Jerry.
  3. JERRY


    Hi Could somebody please explain mixtures to me. I know what they do to add brilliance to a chorus, but I don't understand what a break is, or how the harmonics are put together as in a fourniture Thanks. Jerry
  4. Does anyone know the specification of the new Walker Organ at Grand Rapids. I was surprised to see that the IBO Journal article did not include it. Thanks Jerry
  5. To John Deepest Sympathy from Jerry Pope.
  6. What is the advantage of electro pneumatic action, as used at RAH over direct electric action. When I was an organist at Isleworth, I tried playing a pure pneumatic action organ near to our church. I could not get used to that at all. What causes the lag on such instruments? There was nearly 1/2 a second between putting the keys down and the notes sounding. Jerry
  7. Dear John, I read in an organ building manual by Bonavia Hunt that in some buildings steel wire tuning springs are liable to jam, and that phosphor bronze is used instead by some builders. Which do you use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two, and is there any difference in the tone produced? Jerry
  8. JERRY

    Notre Dame

    Hi there. I am interested to know the history and specifications of the Organs at Notre Dame Unfortunately the details on the Notre Dame website are in French which I do not understand. Does anyone know of, or have access to an English Version. Much obliged
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