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  1. Thanks for all these anecdotes... now to find a copy of that Grosvenor LP. In the meantime, I'd recommend the following as the most outstanding organ recording I've heard for a long, long time. And certainly the finest recording of this instrument: http://www.signumrecords.com/catalogue/sigcd089/index.htm And I'm not on commission.
  2. In an idle moment today I explored the Trinity entry on NPOR. The Metzler is widely held to be a superb instrument (whatever one's opinion of its accompanimental utility). But I'm fascinated by the Hill it replaced. The spec seems to contain lots of vain repetition, and seems huge for the size of the chapel. I wonder if anyone heard/played this instrument, and has any thoughts on it? Are there any recordings available? Cheers! Matthew
  3. Tony, Useful information, the NPOR is a great resource. About ten years ago I played for a wedding at St Saviour's RC Parish Church, in Lewisham High Street (London SE). The organ was a 3-manual instrument, all in good nick, bearing a Gray and Davison nameplate. I can find no trace of the Church (built c. 1909) on the database. I wonder if anyone else has had a more recent encounter with this instrument? Cheers, Matthew
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