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  1. Hi! I am intending to buy a MP3 portable recorder to record the organ. The two I am thinking about are the Roland R-09HR and the Zoom ZOOMH4. They both look pretty good but I was wondering if anyone had any opinions about which I should get - or if I should think about any other recorder - it would be most useful. I want to be able to attach other microphones to it as well as having excellent built-in ones. How does the acoustic of the building play into my decision? With every best wish, Andy
  2. Hi, I am thinking of learning this piece. Does anyone play it? How hard is it? Thanks Andy
  3. any ideas who might get St Mary's Cathedral Edinburgh?
  4. Hi, I really like this piece and am thinking about putting it into a recital programme along with a Bach Preude + Fugue, some Messiaen, a Franck Choral and possibly some more Leighton. Just wondered what people thoughts on this piece are and whether they think it suitable recital material. Also how hard is this piece? Does it it into the ABRSM Grade structure? Thanks Andy
  5. I played this as the voluntary after evensong at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral Edinburgh this afternoon, mighty fine work if you ask me! Andy
  6. Yes but I am looking more as a long term project i.e any pieces that could be reccomended that I can then learn!
  7. Sorry if I didn't make it clear, they are just pieces I am considering and are not in any order, I am looking for ideas of other pieces to include. Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm thinking of getting a good but quite simple recital programme sorted out. I have never really done this properly beofre and am a bit stuck for ideas, so far I was thinking of Bach - Prelude and Fugue in C Major BWV 545 Leighton - Toccata on Hanover Messiaen - Le Banquet CĂ©leste but am a bit lacking of other ideas, any suggestions for suitable pieces to add and if these 3 are ok to include would be useful! Thanks Andy
  9. Hi, I tried this in a different thread, but didn't get a reply so I'll try a new one! I'm currently learning the Prelude and Fugue in C 545. I've heard people say that it is easy like a Grade 5 piece and others say it is hardish i.e Grade 8/ DipABRSM. Whats the verdict? I certainly feel that the Prelude is harder, which I have now mastered so am looking forward to the fugue! Thanks Andy
  10. I was discussing this the other day. A friend of mine said that he did the Prelude in C Major BWV 545 (not with fugue) for Grade 5 Organ. Now surely that would never be on the lists now, perhaps it would be grade 8? Andy
  11. abennett


    As has been mentioned on other parts of this board, this is not the case. It is correct that Simon has been appointed as Organist of St Mary's RC Cathedral Edinburgh, but he left the Episcopal Cathedral in the summer, with Duncan Ferfuson taking over as acting Master of Music for 1 year. Andy
  12. Slightly off topic sorry, but, what do people think to Dom Gregory Murray's organ music, I still occasionally dig out some of the short interludes when I cant be bothered to improvise and I think that they are not too bad. Has anyone come accross any other good stuff? Andy
  13. Hi, Last Thursday we did the Walton Missa Brevis which is one of my favourites, Friday we did the Faure Requiem mass, on Sunday we did the Palestrina Missa Brevis and this Thursday is Croce Missa Primi Sexti Toni, then Howells Coll Reg on Sunday next I think. A good variety in my opinion. Andy
  14. I am a great fam of Thomas and I believe that he is one of the finest organists in the world the moment. My teacher has lessons from him and therefore his style passes on to me. It is a great shame that the audience was low in number as he really is a great of the age. Andy
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