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  1. As a "Franck-ophile", I have numerous CDs of his works, all with different qualities. André Marchal at the pre-Van den Heuvel St. Eustache, Marcel Dupré at St. Thomas New York, MC-A, David Sanger, Peter Hurford, Eric Lebrun and so on. However this week, when I wanted to brush up my reading of the third Choral I returned as I always do, to the recording by Fernando Germani at Selby Abbey. He was the one who first introduced me to Franck, playing at All Souls Langham Place in the 1950s, and I have been hooked ever since. I am looking forward to Pierre Pincemaille's new CD which I expect to have something different from all those that have gone before.
  2. Indeed, when I first went for a job interview at Comptons some forty-odd years ago, to be a competent organist was a condition of employment.
  3. Thank you for the information, Nick. It sounds a very encouraging project. Those of us relying on electronics don't fare too badly, after all it's the music that matters most, but it is nice to hear of somewhere that is going back to real pipes. May I hasten to add that though the surname is the same, I have no connection with Andrew Carter of Wakefield - unless that is, my current family history research proves otherwise! John Carter
  4. While visiting Yorkshire last week, I was shown the major rebuilding work at Dewsbury Minster. I understand there is a scheme to install a 3/31 pipe organ originally by Booth of Wakefield, later rebuilt by Conacher, ex St. Marks Church, Dewsbury. Do any of the Northern based contributors to this board know anything of this scheme or the organ itself. Is it a project I should support? John Carter
  5. May I offer my sincere condolences to the Mander Family. Noel Mander was a great craftsman, who brought inspiration and delight to many of us who never knew him personally. John Carter
  6. Thank you for intervening and more thanks to John Sayer for raising the issue. As a new user of the forum, I had almost given up in despair when I saw the content of some posts.
  7. The Scherzo does not, of course, appear in the later editions of the Symphony, being replaced by the Salve Regina. Personally, I think Pierre Pincemaille's approach is appropriate in terms of the overall mood of the work. I originally felt the same about the Intermezzo in the 6th. Symphony, where I have always gone for reeds and mixtures to blow the cobwebs away - but it does tend to make it sound pompous rather than playful! However, the interesting point this raises is how much must we be stick rigidly to the indications of the composer? After all, every instrument is different and surely our aim should be to reveal the beauty of the music as well as we can with the environment and resources available. I am looking forward to Pierre Pincemaille's complete recordings of César Franck's works due out later this year. I'm sure it won't be like those that have gone before.
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