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    Apart from my family and very catholic tastes in music, as a listener, performer and aspiring composer: theology, fell walking, theatre, Tudor history, Indian food and malt whisky.
  1. I believe that quite a few piano concerti have been transcribed for two pianos I would have thought that for anything up to and including Brahms, an organist with enough skill to play the piano transcription of the orchestral parts would be able to rearrange it effectively on the organ - much as they might do so when accompanying a romantic choral piece from the vocal score. The following is quite interesting
  2. Presumably there are ranks on the latter that can be played in New Jersey and heard in Devon.
  3. This link explains http://www.gewalcker.de/gewalcker.de/opusdiabolo.htm
  4. Superb performance and instrument, I agree. For the record, which are your best and second best?
  5. Surely for an authentic Bach performance, the conductor should merely stand in front of the musicians looking rather cross, and periodically throw objects (pencils, erasers, scores, shoes, wigs etc) in the direction of any hapless individual who particularly displeases him.
  6. Well... I have a video of my son (then aged 3) doing something similar. However, it should be noted that: 1) The building was closed to the (paying??) public at the time. 2) Now he has reached the venerable age of 5 and has graduated to 'Chester's easiest piano course', he is capable of producing rather more musical sounds. There was a time when this instrument was so closely guarded that even organ scholars from other Oxford colleges had difficulty getting to play it. If somebody wanted to see what a musician from the Indian tradition might do with a western pipe organ,
  7. By way of an antidote to all the jolly tunes that we'll be playing over the next few weeks.
  8. youtube.com/watch?v=Gt3J1Uip3jc Use of the organ by a great composer at the top of his game. The film's prety good too!
  9. Well, you might.. Anyway, I seem to remember from the last time that I watched all three 'Godfather' films back-to-back, that the wearer of Catholic garb (or a police uniform) was far more likely to be a Mafia assassin than the genuine article.
  10. I would imagine that it is possible to acquire substances which, if ingested shortly before playing or listening, will produce a similar effect... MM, I'm sure that at at some point during your many years' performing in grim northern towns, someone has said to you something along the lines of, 'By 'eck, tha' can make th'organ talk'. Maybe they were not speaking figuratively... Incidentally, what is it with Disney and the organ?
  11. Also, the scary bit from the D major P&F. Some years ago, I concluded the first half of a 'greatest hits/easy listening' type recital with this. I invited any non-organists in the audience to see me during the interval if they could tell me in which rather sinister context they might have already heard the Adagio. A couple of people got it right, which was quite encouraging.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOES-dS0pG0 The greatest film in which organ music is deployed. Discuss.
  13. My son (who, at the age of 4 1/2, is already displaying rather disturbing organ-anorak tendencies) is greatly amused by the fact that this instrument is buttock powered. Stokowski?
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