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  1. Appointments 2

    New DoM at St Matthew's Northampton: http://www.stmatthewsnorthampton.org.uk/
  2. Strange notices, signs, or tuning book comments?

    "Please depress the Swell Pedal on leaving..."
  3. A new application of physics

    Speaking of April Fools, did anyone else see that Liverpool Cathedral have commissioned a mobile console for their chamber organ due to arrive in 2017??
  4. Unusual Accessories

    Resurrecting an old thread, but has anyone ever come across any organs where there is a 'Swell to Pedal Combination Coupler' but not the more usual 'Great & Pedal Combinations Coupled'? I played in the NZ Organists' association playing competition in June this year and the three-manual organ which was used had this... And the Great & Pedal pistons were not permanently coupled.
  5. RFH Organ

    I read that these ranks which were added to the Choir in 1935 were removed as they were simply "piggy-backed" off the soundboard to separate chests and were unreliable because of this. More information here: http://www.mander-organs.com/portfolio/sacred-heart-wimbledon.html
  6. Stainer - The Crucifixion

    I played the Crucifixion on the 13th, luckily not on the neo-baroque sqwarker that I thought might be used at first. Instead it was a 1960s Vermuellen (or Verschuren, I'm not sure which) with upside down draw stop layout, Gt & Sw all on the treble end, four blind thumb pistons plus cancels which don't move the draw stops and a Swell pedal which you only had to move your foot in its general direction and it would move... At least it did have some reeds. Performance was very good however and there were some very good comments afterwards.
  7. Stainer - The Crucifixion

    I too will be very interested in hearing any responses regarding this as I will be accompanying a performance of it too, however on a not-so-well stocked organ (1970s squawker with no reeds and a less than useful Larigot...) Josh
  8. Tambourinist tasered

    An aerial reed-organ drop should also do the trick
  9. Youtube

    I am reminded of a moment at a masterclass given in Wellington by Olivier Latry, when a young organist was rushing through the sequencer at quite a fast pace to a particular point in his piece, to which Olivier replied "You will never play at Notre-Dame!!" Never mind what it's doing to the electrics, but more importantly what is it going to do to soundboards (if they are sliders)...
  10. The Refurbishment of 1960's Walker Concussion Units

    SIOC rebuilt the 1965 Walker at Winthrop Hall, University of Western Australia (http://www.ohta.org.au/organs/organs/Winthrop.html) in 2008 and I think all of the winding system was kept with the 'schwimmers', one on each soundboard and I think a couple of single-rise reservoirs for the Pedal division. The schwimmers were recovered and had the internal springs replaced and as far as I am aware there have been no problems with it. I can possibly provide some pictures (inside and out) of these units if you wish.
  11. Bradford Cathedral Organ

    Well I certainly think this one has cleared the hurdle...
  12. Unusual Accessories

    Seeing as mention has been made of the "Automatic Pedal", here is one for you in a different context. St Patrick's Basilica in Fremantle (http://www.ohta.org..../WA/StPats.html) has two organs, a large four-manual in the West gallery and a small 19 stop two-manual in the South Transept. Both organs are playable from either console, but the Transept organ has Great & Swell divisions combined when played from the West console and the West organ has an independent set of general pistons (no stops apart from three solo reeds) on the Transept console. The Transept console has a coupler labelled "Automatic Pedal Coupling", which means that when the two organs are being used in dialogue with say the Transept on the Swell manual and the West organ on the Great, the organ will automatically switch between the Transept and West Pedal departments depending on which manual you are playing on at the time. This was, as far as we know, the first use of this type of coupler and has since been incorporated into the organs of St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Perth (http://www.ohta.org....TMARYSCATH.html). Both organs include the "Great to Swell" coupler for the purpose of playing the two organs together also.
  13. Exeter Cathedral Organ

    Or to do as H&H have done in some recent organs, borrow the G.O. 16ft reed to the Pedal and extend the 32ft reed from that. This way you could also have a softer alternative to the Ophicleide. Does anyone have any first-hand experience of this?
  14. Exeter Cathedral Organ

    No, I'd not seen any of the RSCM literature, nor a photograph, but I recall it being mentioned here before. As for the prize, I shall have to put a rain-check on that. I'll make a point of coming to Wimborne when I get around to travelling to England!
  15. Exeter Cathedral Organ

    The 'Contra Posanne' or something like that?