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  1. I can think of at least one Cathedral organ with both a Choir and a Solo 'Corno di Bassetto', both of different character however. It seems like a useful idea to have the Bourdon available at 32ft pitch as a softer alternative to the 32ft Open Wood, especially further up the compass where an Open Wood would tend to be too big to use underneath Swell strings, for example. The Walker at Sacred Heart Wimbledon has this feature and it is very useful.
  2. It had been performed several times at St Matthew’s, Northampton by Stephen Moore, the previous DoM, and I believe he played it at Llandaff Cathedral last year.
  3. New DoM at St Matthew's Northampton: http://www.stmatthewsnorthampton.org.uk/
  4. "Electrically-powered height-adjustable manuals and stop jambs..." Interesting idea?
  5. I am reminded of a moment at a masterclass given in Wellington by Olivier Latry, when a young organist was rushing through the sequencer at quite a fast pace to a particular point in his piece, to which Olivier replied "You will never play at Notre-Dame!!" Never mind what it's doing to the electrics, but more importantly what is it going to do to soundboards (if they are sliders)...
  6. Here is what sounds like an arrangement of Flight of the Bumblebees for our favourite instrument: The Vuvuzela! I hear it will be on a new CD to come out shortly named 'Vuvuzela Mood'
  7. One year late, but certainly interesting: http://www.youtube.com/user/trinitywallstr.../40/beaj4d_JW8c Josh
  8. Have any others seen the videos of Yves Devernay performing at NdP. They are very interesting to watch, especially seeing his assistant running round the console since there was no combination action. JA
  9. Well I can't say that I'm completely obsessed with them, but the Tuba at Christchurch being the first I've been able to play really caught my attention and it sounds great from the nave of the church. Have to find some Tuba tunes to really try it out for next week though. Josh
  10. Hi everyone! After spending an hour holding keys and being slightly deafened while the Tuba was being tuned today at Christchurch Cathedral (NZ), this made me ask the question which Tuba in any organ members of this forum would think would be loudest. This Tuba Mirabilis is the loudest in New Zealand, being voiced on 19 inch wind and I have to say it sounds absolutely fantastic, and to top it off there is even a Fanfare Trumpet sticking 'en chamade' out of the transept case! This aside though I suspect compared to some Tubas I have heard of from the UK, it may only come in on the list
  11. Rodgers Instruments make the MX-200, which has around 100 organ stops and about 7 or 8 hundred orchestral sounds. I don't think this would be any good if this was what you were thinking of. My church has one of these on the Rodgers, which is fine for using with other stops on the organ but probably not by itself. JA
  12. I am sure that your organ would have better reeds, diapasons & flutes than mine since my church's Rodgers is probably over 15 years old now. The speakers are installed where the old pipe organ was behind a screen at the front of the church, but if this has an impact on the sound, I don't know. I would definately like the church to get a customised organ once the Rodgers dies, but that could be quite a while away at the moment. JA
  13. Thats the problem, they will never be as good as a genuine pipe organ. The only good stops on some electronic organs are the flutes, but the reeds are absolute rubbish. All the electronics I've played are all right organs, but try playing something in full organ, the tone all goes 'foggy' and it sounds terrible. JA
  14. This is very interesting. Out of all the 20 or so Positive organs in NZ I have never come across one with the harmonium style pedals. JA
  15. When you say 'the organist having to supply the wind for him/herself' do you mean using the pedals like on Harmoniums? All the Positive organs in New Zealand that I know of have the hand pump, but of course this would be inconvenient if no one was available to operate it. Most of the ones SIOC have restored have had electric blowers added, but still retain the hand pump. The pneumatics are a real nusence on the melodic stops, since they have to be either cleaned or replaced every 20 or so years. But if I added a pedalboard I would possibly have to keep the pneumatics since the Bourdon pipe
  16. I agree about that. I am thinking about restoring a redundant one for home use, but a pedal board is one thing I definately would install. The only thing is I would have to supply extra 18 Bourdon pipes as they only use 12 for the Melodic Bass. Sounds like quite a bit of work but would probably be worth it. JA
  17. A lot of builders install those. The South Island Organ Company in New Zealand which I work for, did use Muldersoft Transmission systems and they had the ability to use Auto-Pedal / Ped to Gt etc. If anyone here knows of the Positive Organ Company, London, their one-manual organs had the 'Melodic Bass' which was a pneumatic system so you would get the impression of playing the pedals aswell. Their specifications were normally around Open 8, Flute Bass 8, Flute Treble 8, Viol 8, Dulcet Bass & Treble 4. They normally included Melodic Diap 8 or Viol 8 which were also pneumatic and the res
  18. Has anyone had any experience with Rodgers Instruments. They have some all right organs, but last time I got a quoted price they were pretty horrendous prices in New Zealand. Does anyone know if Wyvern ship organs to other parts of the world? JA
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