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  1. Andy

    Happy Easter

    Also Willan - Vulpius before and Crown Imperial at the end
  2. I couldn't find my copy of 'Crown Imperial' so my congregation were treated to 'Fanfare for the Lord Mayor of London' and 'March (Things to Come) by Sir Arthur Bliss (arr Gower).
  3. 1I managed to do both at my Grandmother's funeral. I played the last verse on the page as if it was the last but then became aware that the congregation hadn't sat down. I turned the page, realised my error and set off on the last verse just as the congregation had decided that I'd forgotten and sat down. I was mortified and hoped the ground would open up. Luckily several members of the family reassured me that my gran went to meet her maker with a smile on her face.
  4. Andy


    I have the Editio Musica Budapest edition and a question. At bar 188 (plus upbeat) there is a marking for the LH part to move to manual 1 (RH still on II). There are no more manual changes marked until bar 200 (both hands on III). If that is correct,should they not swap at 190 and again at 194 and, if so, what happens after that? Or is it editorial and a matter of taste?
  5. Thanks. Sounds like a sound investment.
  6. Thanks. I've just got it and had a first bash through and a little practice before and after services this morning. I think it's 'do-able'. It's a good piece though, well worth persevering with.
  7. I have been asked to play the Carillon. How hard is it? I don't want to commit to playing something that is beyond me. It might be rather embarassing.
  8. Yes they do. My Easter highlight was accompanying (on the joanna) a truly superb tenor singing the first of Vaughn Williams' Easter Mystical Songs.
  9. Richard Pilliner played it at Southwark Cathedral this month.
  10. Next Sunday's (24th) edition of The Choir features Sir David Willcocks
  11. I played the Hallelujah Chorus after midnight mass last night and quite a lot of the congregation sang along! It was like a Christmas karaoke. Happy Christmas and New Year.
  12. Andy

    Easthope Martin

    Thankyou to you both. Information on Martin seems to be fairly limited.
  13. Andy

    Easthope Martin

    Dear all, I am planning on playing Easthope Martin's 'Evensong' soon and thought I'd look up his dates of birth and death. I've tried a number of websites and they seem to disagree on DOB. Is it 1875, 1880 or 1882, please?
  14. Andy


    Isn't spellcheck a wonderful thing?
  15. Although presumably that's to prevent a fire that may start in the organ from spreading out to the theatre. It may have happened once. Old fire regs are usually a (knee-jerk) reaction to a previous fire. Andrew
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