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  1. Yes it is - the collection has been discussed elsewhere and it is a fabulous set of CD's - I have thoroughly enjoyed dipping in to listen to some interesting music. The styles of playing are a revelation, for example, Sumsion's Elgar Sonata has made me want to re-learn it!
  2. The Lichfield committee has organised a one day convention at Wrekin College in Wellington, Telford. Saturday 11th May 2013 The day is aimed at all involved in worship, so the workshops include support for church musicians and clergy. These will include workshops on organ playing and service accompaniment, developing voices, using instruments in worship, contemporary styles of worship and the use of music technology for arranging. There will be a Young Voices workshop and a "Lets Sing" Faure's Requiem too. The workshop leaders include, Catherine Ennis, Rosemary Field and Frances Novillo. The day will be action packed against the backdrop of Wrekin College, using the music department and chapel, plus the Baptist/URC church next door. Wrekin College is only 3 minutes walk from the railway station. Here is a link to the RSCM site - do pass the word! It is not restricted to Lichfield area members and therefore all are welcome. http://www.rscm.com/...vention2013.pdf
  3. You have to see it to believe it!
  4. My reply is "ouch!" Everytime I've tried, its been mightily unpleasant. Oh and I do remember watching a Gillian Weir masterclass at the old RCO when she demonstrated some immaculate pedalling in some very high-heeled sandals! I can't remember the piece or the candidate.
  5. I recall that I specified a Great Reeds on Swell for the rebuild of the two-clavier instrument at Saint Aldhelm's, Branksome, in 1995. This affected the G.O. Corno di Bassetto, the Orchestral Trumpet (8ft.) and the Orchestral Clarion (4ft.). Whilst I remembered to ask the action designers to ensure that theese stops did not 'return' through any of the Swell couplers, I forgot to request an additional transfer: Swell on G.O. - which would have been useful. We went the whole hog on our rebuild at school...specifying 'Gt Reeds on Swell and Sw on GO transfer' with one tab...it works beautifully, especially now that it has a red warning light to stop accidents!
  6. Here is something different from a really fine organist: Friday 30th November 7.30pm Alex Mason (Shrewsbury School) will be improvising to the 1926 film: "The Phantom of the Opera" Wrekin College Chapel part of the Centenary Cinema season tickets £5 boxoffice@wrekincollege.com
  7. How about this...yards away from me, its a great little instrument http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi?Fn=Rsearch&rec_index=N06615
  8. Sorry to hear the news. Bank St was the first organ I played with a trumpet stop and 32 (albeit acoustic!) it was at a KCOA meeting.
  9. Its not just well-known organists! Murton
  10. Try this on folks: Friday 11th November 7.30pm Wrekin College Chapel, Wellington, Shropshire Gordon Stewart Tickets £7...£5 for board members
  11. I am getting more anxious by the day and dead jealous of the rest of you...my set duly arrived, but my wife has hidden them for a Christmas present...still, it'll give me something to do over the holidays! I have had a look at the gramophone archive and here are a couple more links: canterbury Link. Selby Selby.
  12. Does anyone remember this series? Noticed a couple of extracts of Barry Rose on You tube and would love to see some more of the series... Does anyone have any leads please as a quick trawl on google didn't bring any luck?
  13. I have given two recitals on the Halifax organ at the invitation of Philip Tordoff and while the instrument has its limitations, my impression was of an extremely musical instrument that was incredibly easy to control. Modern aids may give you more opportunities to get just the right sounds, but with care, the organ is extremely easy to handle. While the mixtures may have been altered, changing things back may be a retrograde step, many organs are changed and gradual improvements may be made, it seemed to me that the conservative changes worked. However, I don't live with the organ, unfortunately, but I think Iam pleased that the Walker suggestions were not undertaken and therefore I was able to play a really fine instrument. Having lived with two large instruments which had been given full blown "enlightened" rebuilds, we always bemoaned the loss of the old choir organ, or the solo clarinet and a decent open diapason. It didn't stop us using the new stuff though!
  14. Thank you for your help. My French colleague, has been trying for some time with a company in France who are able to get a uniprint from the US. We will continue our search, including your two leads. Many thanks for the help.
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