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  1. Yes it is - the collection has been discussed elsewhere and it is a fabulous set of CD's - I have thoroughly enjoyed dipping in to listen to some interesting music. The styles of playing are a revelation, for example, Sumsion's Elgar Sonata has made me want to re-learn it!
  2. Here is something different from a really fine organist: Friday 30th November 7.30pm Alex Mason (Shrewsbury School) will be improvising to the 1926 film: "The Phantom of the Opera" Wrekin College Chapel part of the Centenary Cinema season tickets £5 boxoffice@wrekincollege.com
  3. How about this...yards away from me, its a great little instrument http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi?Fn=Rsearch&rec_index=N06615
  4. Try this on folks: Friday 11th November 7.30pm Wrekin College Chapel, Wellington, Shropshire Gordon Stewart Tickets £7...£5 for board members
  5. Try this about the boys of ST Pauls...not sure if this is on already. I couldn't get a direct link, so click below and its one of the first clips from the cathedral's website http://www.stpauls.co.uk/View-St-Pauls-Videos
  6. Thursday 7th October at 7.30pm PETER DYKE will be playing the organ of Wrekin College Chapel Music to include Hindemith, Franck Chorale 3 and a couple of orchestral arrangements by Peter himself... there will be a video screen so that you can see him as well as hear him. Organ large 2 manual Rushworth, rebuilt by Nicholsons in 2004. Tickets £6 on the door...if you pm me then it'll be half that...
  7. Here's one for you... Wrekin College Chapel, Wellington, Shropshire Friday 10th October 7.30pm. 4th anniversary recital of the restored organ (R+D, rebuilt and augmented by Nicholsons)...
  8. In the film they used the cathedral choir - I used to know one of the altos who was in the film, he did not mention anything about being at a studio...
  9. A Canterbury Tale (Although supposed to be at Canterbury actually filmed in St. Albans, as Canterbury's organ had been dismantled) - 1944 I remember seeing this...I think they used the sound of St Albans organ, but the pics are of Canterbury...including those of the organ console when it was in its loft over the choir stalls pre 1948. There was a tv drama tv (perhaps BBC1)in the 70's or 80's which featured an organist. I can't remember much other than it seemed to have some doomsday senario. The organist in question would not play the Bach T and F in D minor because it had some special
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