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  1. Just came across this, if anyone is lusting after a 4 octave Morley Clavichord http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1970s-JOHN-MORLEY-London-4-Octave-Clavichord-Stool-Spinet-Harpischord-P28-/391403402859?hash=item5b2175f66b
  2. Leicester was always described to me as an E-type Harrison. H
  3. Is there a kind soul out there who could PM me a scan of Archer's Prayer of St Richard, please ? Postal service has let me down 8-( Thanks in anticipation! H
  4. Noel Rawsthorne's Hornpipe Humoresque - vaguely nautical, anyway. Always goes down well, with lots of well-loved themes given some pleasingly revolting treatment.
  5. If I recall correctly, the Swell box was very large and split on two levels. I think the secondary ranks were on the lower level. Looking at the NPOR spec, it doesn't make it clear that the 16/8/4 Harmonic Trumpets were enclosed in the Solo box, on 10" wind. The Positive was fairly useless, being too far away from the main organ, usually at a varying pitch, with lively winding and a poor soundboard that had been well overheated. Access, for the brave, was via an extending ladder reaching up to a trap door in the base of (as my colleague referred to it) the 'orbiting dustbin'.
  6. Didn't HWIII employ a chauffeur at one time ? I do remember being told that a certain well-known organ building figure started life at Willis's as his driver, going on to work for Walkers and latterly as tonal director at Austins for a brief period. Maybe it was hearsay....
  7. Secondly, this thread has developed into something which has nothing to do with its original subject. Please stay on topic. I will not tolerate anything which contravenes these basic standards and if it continues, I will start to delete posts. What is more, running this discussion board is not my main job, which takes up enough of my time as it is. If running and moderating this discussion board starts to take up too much of my time, I will close it down. John Dear me, I hope you're all sitting on the naughty step today ! H
  8. I have in my collection a cassette tape of David Sanger at St Mary at Hill. It was recorded from a Radio 3 broadcast (from memory I would say c.1984, therefore well before the fire). David introduced the programme himself. I have no idea if the tape is still playable but if anyone is interested I will attempt to resurrect it. I also know a very helpful organist/BBC sound engineer... H
  9. Several years ago I had the good fortune to sing at Chartres for the Mass. Whilst the Eucharistic Prayer was being spoken, the main organ provided an improvised luminous and mysterious backdrop that blended with the incense and refracted light from the stained glass - it was quite unforgettable ! I never dared to suggest to my PP at the time that we try it. The closest we came to it was a co-ordinated run at the Sanctus. I would play the two bar introduction quietly as he reached the end of the preface '...for ever praising you and singing:' so that the choir actually sang HOLY HOLY HOLY right on the button. H
  10. Haha! I've been rumbled. Well done, Vox, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT but it's been fun observing the subsequent posts!
  11. Many thanks, Austinato, for your detailed reply and explanation. Really helpful.
  12. Many moons ago on this forum there was a thread discussing a sort of line of succession in organ studies. There were some fascinating lists of tutors, one in particular IIRC which got back to JSB in about six or seven steps... but I've been unable to locate the thread. Is there anyone more skilled at using the search engine who can point me in the right direction ? Thanks. H.
  13. Just had a small blower motor repaired, with re-made sleeve bearings. The motor repairer suggested 20W engine oil as the correct grade for lubrication. From another source, I heard that synthetic oils contain detergents which can cause bearings to break up and that mineral oils are therefore more suitable. Anyone out there with a view on this ? Thanks. H.
  14. A bit of fun for the Season... Being church organists, organbuilders and tuners, my boss and I like to devise challenges that amuse, as well as exercise the mind and ears. Here's a couple of example oral tests. These are performed 'blind' by the candidate being tested. (1) Tester draws a Fifteenth 2ft, briefly play and hold bottom C ... and say," this is bottom C." Release the reference note. Now play any note in the top octave and ask the candidate to identify the note. (2) Tester draws a 32ft reed and plays any note in the lowest octave. Ask the candidate to sing the same note in a comfortable pitch of their voice. (The flat 21st can be surprisingly troublesome). ...and my most recent personal favourite... (3) Choose a simple hymn tune (we chose 'St Anne) Play it, reversing the hands, i.e., left hand plays Soprano and Alto, right hand plays tenor and bass. I'd be particularly interested to hear how you get on with (3). Be honest, now ! H
  15. Curiously, Napolean III was first entombed at St Mary's Catholic Church, Chislehurst, Kent but subsequently re-interred at Farnborough. I can't recall the precise reason for the move...a family dispute of some kind, I think.
  16. Well, yesterday, news reached my ears that will be of some encouragement. This announcement, relating to VAT, at www.lpwscheme.org.uk may be good news for parishes wondering how to pay for repair work. The Government has announced changes to the scope and operation of the Listed Places of Worship grant scheme, which will take effect from 1 October 2013. These changes will enable more listed places of worship to claim for grants through the scheme. From 1 October 2013, works to pipe organs, turret clocks, bells and bell ropes will be eligible for claims under the scheme. Professional services directly related to eligible building work such as architect fees will also become eligible. From this date, applications to make use of the scheme will be accepted from religious or charitable groups whose principal or primary purpose is to conserve, repair and maintain redundant listed places of worship which are not in private ownership. There is much more to be read on the Listed Places of Worship Scheme website. H
  17. I always had a penchant for W M's Wassail Carol. Anyone perform it nowadays ? H
  18. Well, good luck with the Westerkerk. We stayed very near this church and tried several times just to be able to look inside. Passing the church late one evening we noticed that a concert had just concluded. Seizing our chance, we slipped inside to admire this beautiful church. A brusque churchwarden saw us and unceremoniously grabbed us by the arms and ejected us, in spite of our attempt to explain ourselves. I do find 'Christians' disappointing when they behave this way. H
  19. Quick bit of googling...Derek (or Derrick) Morgan of Aberdare, which tallies nicely with the Ebay seller ID.
  20. Ron Goodwin, I think? I grew up hearing these themes on a glorious LP, big war movie themes with Geoff Love and his orchestra.
  21. The new organ is a combination organ by MPOS Ltd. Info on their website and also on the church website. Hoping to try it for myself soon.
  22. I would urge more people to look at JSB's Fugue in B minor on a theme by Corelli, BWV 579. Not difficult but highly rewarding. There is an excellent recording by Chorzempa on the Silbermann at Arlesheim, with a simple 8 4 2 registration which lets the glory of the counterpoint speak for itself. H
  23. I was DOM of a small parish in Kent, with a supportive vicar. For a number of years we sang Evensong once a month, though this later was throttled back to once a quarter. I directed a small but loyal choir and we would sing the Responses, Psalm, Mag, Nunc and anthem. If I couldn't find appropriate music, I wrote it. The parish magazine or pew sheet would trail Evensong with invitations to premiere performances ! The friends of the tiny village church would lay on tea and cakes. In summer, the opening of the church on Sunday afternoons was timed to encourage local walkers to join us. Times of services were usually advertised in the local newspaper and a large billboard placed on a major main road that ran close to the church. With the right willpower and effort from all concerned, we maintained a worthy tradition of worship that was a well-loved feature of parish life.
  24. Bryceson's exhibition organ, relocated to St Peter, Parkstone in 1886 used electric action. The Leclanche cells were located on high shelves in a vestry beneath the organ chamber. The shelves were still there c1983/4, around the time it was rebuilt by Osmonds. H
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