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  1. FINALLY -- A USEFUL Vatican Specification!!!!!!!!!! (only kidding!)
  2. Please allow me to add my agreement with Karl! Even though I do speak only for myself, ("officially"), I think I can say with fair certainty that most other American church musicians would NOT share Mr. Bournais' terrible comments. Indeed, we DO look to England as upholding the highest possible standards in church music. As a Roman Catholic musician, I can attest to some sad examples of the dismal state of Roman Catholic church music. My own R.C. choir is proud to be affiliated with RSCM (and "Voice for Life"). My church is blessed with a long nave and about 3 seconds of reverb with
  3. I, too, offer my deepest sympathy to John Pike Mander on the passing of his father, Noel Mander. I know of Mander organs only through this website and through recordings - most notably in the US that of St. Ignatius Loyola, New York City. The organ- and organbuilding-community has lost a true pioneer and master builder. Thankfully, his wonderful work continues in the hands of his son, John Pike Mander. For Noel Mander, grant him eternal rest, and may light perpetual shine upon him. David Minton Louisville, KY, USA
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