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  1. Did anybody go to JSW's recital at Canterbury last Saturday?
  2. Not surprising as King's cherry picks in that most of their OS have obtained their FRCO before starting at KC rather than after graduating which is the more common route for OS of other colleges.
  3. The great on the Dome organ remains without tremulants so struggles to sound like a cinema organ. RPB. who was as good as blind, had a very complex style which gave the impression that he had at least four hands. A style that I admired more than liked.
  4. Not a town hall, I know, but you might be interested to read about the successful re-opening of the HNB dual purpose organ at the Dome, Brighton. http://www.domeorganbrighton.co.uk/ I did not attend, but I have heard this organ in the past. Neither a classical or a theatre organ it is rather like Southampton Guildhall in that it performs neither job well. Nevertheless the site is interesting with some good photos and gives a flavour of the challenge this project presented to David Wells.
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