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  1. From yesterday's Guardian: http://music.guardian.co.uk/obituaries/sto...2267727,00.html
  2. parsfan


    I see that Simon Johnson, from St Albans, succeeds Huw Williams at St Pauls.
  3. News of the rededication recital series on the SPC website: http://www.stpauls.co.uk/page.aspx?theLang...CMyLfqh1Cdosd6a Also the organ page reports that new Tubas are being built for the Dome Division !
  4. Apologies from me also as my punt abt the Truro post led Paul down such a sinful path. I join with Paul in wishing Robert all the best at York. Exciting times ahead for the Minster, I think !
  5. Robert Quinney must be ripe for a DOM post !
  6. I think its woth playing the whole hymn tune suite. It rarely features in recitals these days which is a shame. Both Lumetto and Veni Emmanuel are good. I last heard it played as a suite by John Langdon at Dunfermline Abbey in the early eighties in the prescence of the composer. Recently, at Westminster Cathedral, I heard Oliver Brett and Matthew Martin play KL's duet on 'Martyrs'. An example of KL's ability to create something exciting out of what is austere material.
  7. Does anyone know if Huw Williams is on the move? I have seen an entry on the Organ Recitals website which gives notice of a December recital at SPC and credits Huw as being located in 'Philadelphia, USA'. Does anyone have any updates on how the restoration is progressing. The dome division was not being used at a recent service I attended. I wonder if there is much more to do?
  8. The Germani was the voluntary at the 1100 Sung Eucharist.
  9. Huw William's played FG's 'Tocatta' at St paul's yesterday. i was impressed with this sparking work and it sounded impressive even though the Dome division is out of action at present. Ed
  10. I wasn't surprised at at all. It was such a complete non point to begin with !
  11. Many thanks for keeping us up to date, Nigel. What happened to the Harrison? Ed
  12. I hope DB includes it in his Westminster Abbey recital on 5 Aug. I also look forward to the disc that will accompany the April issue of BBC Music Mag. Vierne 3, Widor 5 and Impros. As for the Sortie I imagine that it will be a piece that M Cocherau would have been proud off !!
  13. Does anyone have an opinion on the Briggs 'Sortie' that concluded the Kings service?
  14. Any news abt how the work at St Paul's is progressing? Has a date been set for completion/re-opening recital?
  15. parsfan

    Lee Blick

    Of course, in the UK, there is Liverpool and Ely cathedrals and the RAH !
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