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  1. Fair point, I have just felt very indignant on his behalf.
  2. I am delighted to hear that and the new Mander, I hope, will make it worth it
  3. At Lichfield, the DoM had no intention of stepping down before the Dean demanded that he (and others?) reapplied for their own job...I had hoped we'd be given a break from the "Wesley Carr/Brandon Jackson" mould of high-handed Dean with little regard for the talent and hard work of those in their community.
  4. Does anyone recall an old (possibly from the EMI Gt Cathedral series) recording of Ripon and Canterbury (inter alia): Perrin & Wicks, respectivley? Allan W was playing the Peeters Concerstuck - fantastic, but I can't remember which piece of Karg-Elert the late-lamented 'legend in his own lunchtime' Ron P played. I'd love to be reminded of it and to find out whether this old vinyl has been remastered/digitised; it's not on the amphion re-releases as far as I know. Many thanks F4ever
  5. Ian Shaw, from the early 80s, needs to be added to the St John's list . Finz
  6. Many apologies FF for "nicking" your nickname, albeit unknowingly. Finz
  7. I have two current requests for information. The first is this: Has Canterbury yet commissioned an organ builder for their new instument/rebuild job? If so who has got the contract. Secondly Nicholson's recently has gained a very substantial (cathedral) commission, does anyone know where/what this is? Might these two questions be in any way related? FF
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