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  1. ....and the final two pieces:
  2. (organ specs here ) Two more videos: Marius Monnikendam - Elevatio from 12 Inventions: Joyce Jones- Pedal Variations on "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder" Enjoy, and pardon a couple of slips in the Variations - Giwro
  3. I've been off these boards for quite some time, finally getting some time to post again... I was privileged to be asked to give one of the 25 minute post-mass concerts at St. Louis. King of France RC in St. Paul, MN USA this past Tuesday, 10 Dec, 2013. Here are a couple of YouTube clips - the first 2 pieces: David German: Festive Trumpet Tune Daniel Gawthrop: Largo - Mvt 2 from 1st Organ Symphony Enjoy, - giwro
  4. Greetings all, Didn't know if anyone would be interested, but I am doing some recording of an old Wangerin organ at the Madison Masonic center... Last week I was doing some mic placement tests and recorded this little improv to show some of the sounds: Monday I took the iPad for a walk to shoot some footage of the auditorium and chambers! http://vimeo.com/30706668 I have to say this organ is equal of anything Skinner or Kimball produced in the same era - the sound is thrilling... Enjoy! G
  5. A little Maurice Emmanuel (one of the teachers of Messiaen!)
  6. I was pleased to hear him in early July at the national convention of the American Guild of Organists - he played some Alain (Trois Danses) a couple of his own pieces and a commissioned work for Organ and Harp by Rachel Laurin. Everything but the Commissioned work was by memory and all was flawlessly played. I also attended an improvisation workshop that he gave later in the week.... the only problem there was difficulty hearing what he was saying (although his handout musical examples and playing/teaching pretty much were understandable without hearing the commentary). My impression was of
  7. I'm proud to share this with you all: First piece from my concert (2 May) Celebrating 20 years as a professional church musician! Cheers, - G
  8. 2 May 2010 - Yours truly celebrates 20 years as a professional church musician with a 3 p.m. concert, sanctuary of Asbury United Methodist Church, 6101 University Ave, Madison, WI USA. Music by Buxtehude, Walther, Peeters, Orwig, Blin, Karg-Elert, Kern, Purdy, Joyce Jones, Walker. It's hard to believe I've been at this for 20 years (really 30+ if you count the fact that my father, pastor in a small church, began roping me into helping out with music at the age of 14-15!). Best to all, - G
  9. Just to give you all a little taste of what things look like on this side of the pond on Easter in my church: Not what most of you are accustomed to, I'm sure, but hopefully it gives you a bit of an idea of what things are like in my church.... Cheers, - G
  10. ...speaking of Organ symphonies, just appeared.... Wow. Mulet and Vierne had a love child? <chuckle>
  11. Paponaud's Iste confessor :-)
  12. Just a follow-up the the Falcinelli Fiasco A while ago I received music WAV files and information about someone claiming to have made the Falcinelli recording. Unfortunately, I did not investigate closely enough before agreeing to try to promote the recording and made the YouTube video myself. It appears as if I have also been the victim of a rather elaborate practical joke or hoax - I received several private messages on YouTube, all encouraging me to check deeper into this "recording" I was editing, and advising me that it would be wise to remove the video. I immediately removed th
  13. Here's one just arrived Enjoy,
  14. Another one from me This piece certainly does not deserve the obscurity into which it has descended - I confess to having become quite obsessed by it since stumbling across the work a few years ago. I finally played it as a voluntary last fall, and was even more taken by it as I learned the piece. Maybe I'm nuts, but..... Enjoy!
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