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  1. Dear all, In 2003 I photographed an organ on my way somewhere between Edinburgh and Carlisle. Unfortunately I did not write down where this was. It looks like an interesting organ. Please help! Kind regards, Gerco Schaap (The Netherlands)
  2. Dear friends, Last May, when I mailed with David Aprahamian Liddle, he wrote that he would like to open his own Youtube account, as he believed there was nothing at all from him on Youtube. "This is beginning to make me feel like a 'non-person'". So I took my little Nikon P310 photo camera with me when we visited David at the former home of Felix Aprahamian in North London, now the home of The Arabesque Trust for Blind Organists. With the little Nikon we made seven videos of David, playing compositions by Bach, Hollins and himself at the former organ of André Marchal and the Courcelle cham
  3. The first videos of Dr. Francis Jackson CBE (94) playing live are now on YouTube. They were made at the end of Dr. Jackson's recital on 4 August at York Minster, after he went down from the regular console to the nave console and played there Chimes by Bernard Rose (from The Hovingham Sketches): Published with kind permission of Banks Music Publications, Hovingham, copyright owner and publisher of the music. The other one is Dr. Jackson's encore, Bach's Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier, after he had played Norman Cocker's Tuba Tune, in his own words, "to keep us from insanity":
  4. It wasn't the recording of Mendelssohn's Sonatas (which sounded quite dull to me) but the Vista recording of Franck's Grande Pièce Symphonique at Ampleforth Abbey which fascinated me. The Final is on the second record of a Reader's Digest series called Great Organ Classics (1977). It's typical you still can find the Mendelssohn LPs on many car boot sale and charity shop, whereas the Franck recording is quite rare. [Gerco Schaap]
  5. The Willis organ sounds impeccable on a Naxos CD (8.570410), recorded on 12th October, 2006, with music by S S Wesley, played by James McVinnie. The playing is a bit 'formal' but gives a good impression of the organ. [Gerco Schaap]
  6. My favourite is a performance of Franck's Premier Choral by the (Russian?) accordeonist Aleksander Skljarov: Part I and Part II. Unbelievable what he does on his instrument, and very well played. The sound is familiar with a French harmonium! Gerco Schaap (NL)
  7. I would like to know what happened with this interesting recording. It was never brought out as far as I know. Gerco Schaap (NL)
  8. Dear Richard, The woman on your group photo of 1 October is not John Barry's wife, but his sister (as I was told). It certainly was a unique event, this launch of "Fanfare for Francis". John Scott Whiteley gave a splendid performance. Dr. Jackson must be the oldest organist of Europe who is still giving recitals, maybe even of the world! Gerco Schaap, Baarn, The Netherlands Vice president of the Percy Whitlock Trust
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