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    Presently working hard to write the follow-up to the first book of organ anecdotes "Organ-isms: Anecdotes from the World of the King of Instruments" as well as creating goodies for my organ calendar shop and organ gifts shop - both online.
  1. "Organs and Organists: Their Inside Stories"

    I now have an ETA of "Organs and Organists: Their Inside Stories" as June 12th! Very exciting. If you need to track it down before I can let you know where it is sold in shops, the ISBN is ISBN 9783928412216. SO after June 12th I shall be in hiding...
  2. John Mander has very kindly given his blessing for me to make a brazen advertisement for my latest book, "Organs and Organists: Their Inside Stories" on your forum. John himself and several of you have helped by contributing - for all this I am immensely grateful. I'll keep it as short as possible since all the info you will need is on the website. But I am happy, relieved (delirious almost) to tell you all that my almost-sequel to Organ-isms: Anecdotes from the World of the King of Instruments is now in the last stages of production and will be hitting the streets (figuratively speaking I hope) in June/July. It is a vast tome (it put on weight faster than me in a chocky factory) at 416 pages of full colour with masses of cartoons, photos, drawings and goodness knows what else. It took on a life of its own. It is also impossible to describe. A little slideshow of some of the pages on the webpage will help give you an idea... The good thing is that I can offer a slight discount for pre-publication expressions of interest. It will undoubtedly be cheaper for you to order from Butz rather than me if you live in the northern hemisphere . But still put your name down so that we know to contact you once the book is available and you still qualify for the discount as well as the cheaper version from Europe. Both printings are identical - it is just that we are trying to save you money on the postage! You can always email me, but the quickest thing is to visit this webpage with the info Cheerful, and relieved noises, Jenny
  3. How many pipe organs in the world - in total?

    yes - have to agree, Tony. Martin Doering has 4,760 organs on his site complete with a huge database and CD recordings (how I admire that man's wonderful energy as well as his photography) ... but he would be the last to admit it is anything like complete.
  4. How many pipe organs in the world - in total?

    This was fascinating, thanks! Horrifying and unsurprising. 6.3% regular church goers out of the total population. But I wonder what was defined as regular? Anyway - yes - I still think the number of 120,000 organs worldwide is far too low. Even if you don't count single manual or in bad shape ones. I had thought of asking organ builders for individual lists but my heart failed me....
  5. How many pipe organs in the world - in total? If you count everything, from one manual upwards, but only those that are working, what do you think the ball-park figure might be? I have tried asking this elusive question of a number of organ specialists, as well as trying to nail the sum by doing some totting up of various databases and I'm still not convinced I am getting anywhere near the right number. Possibly the most accurate comment comes from the wonderful, and indefatigable Martin Doering of die-orgelseite.de: "According to several sources there must be about 120,000 pipe organs in the whole world. Probably about 30% of them are in a poor condition or not playable anymore because there is no money to repair / restore them". Can anyone add their considered two pennyworth?
  6. Thanks Colin - how strange - I HAD read the article, and another one from the Mechanical Music forum (blinding me by mechanical detail in the process ) in which the word poppet sprang out and grabbed me by the throat. Delicious word for a part of an organ. Should be used much more often. Absolutely a cracker of a pun too. Many thanks.!
  7. Thanks guys - yes, I found other examples and it is indeed a reversible piston. Looks more like something your scrap mud from your boots with - but sounds very handy. I tried posting a pic but I couldn't figure out how to do that on this forum. Can anyone point me to a help file? Signed: Dillbrain.
  8. Strange notices, signs, or tuning book comments?

    I have just discovered a post on Facebook showing lettering on a console mirror that reads: "Clergy in mirror are closer than they appear" . Can't figure where it is taken though.
  9. Just curious as to how these horseshoe pedals work - are they like the French spoon couplers? The example I am thinking of is in St Andrew's, Hingham, in Norfolk...
  10. Sheet Music on Tablets

    Has anyone seen this? https://www.facebook.com/baiwir/videos/10208562331403157/
  11. A friend of mine uses an iPad (I think it's an iPad rather than a notebook) to read his music from in concerts, while his accomplice sits near the console - perhaps the front pew or a chair in a loft - and turns the page for him remotely using some sort of connection - Bluetooth, WiFi etc. Brave man, I thought, and have wondered whether he ever had problems with system/battery/interference etc. I will be asking him, of course. But that also lead me to muse on the world of page turners - old style and new style. Being one such, I KNOW there are a wealth of tales out there, both from the point of view of performer and turner. Anyone care to share their tales (anonymity assured) for my book? Some have already run in Organ-isms but there must be as many diverse stories as there are players. And turners... EDIT: Arghghgh! Sod's Law! I just posted this then found the topic Sheet Music and Tablets - sorry for any duplication. But I am still fascinated to hear your stories... :-)
  12. Strange notices, signs, or tuning book comments?

    Many thanks! Have been in touch and getting sorted. Excellent work, troops.
  13. Strange notices, signs, or tuning book comments?

    This is not really about notices but since it concerns my search for gems for the next anecdote book, it fits in. I came across this image of a stop knob coupler which looks amazingly real or else is a very clever use of photoshop. I want to trace either the stop or the creator of the image for use in the book. Anyone got any ideas? And thanks to everyone who is chipping in with contributions and oddities - keep them coming! UPDATE: Source found! Yay. One more ticked off the list. Thanks to all.
  14. Strange notices, signs, or tuning book comments?

    Thanks Colin!! In fact I have even made these - especially nice as doormats. Symbolic, methinks.... :-)
  15. Christ Church Oxford

    Um, sorry to do this but I can't help myself. The correct spelling of Rieger is Rieger, not Reiger. Think of Riesling! I do. Often...