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    Wobbly Christchurch, New Zealand
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    computers, cameras, cats, puzzles, dammit, there was something else... er... um. oh yes, organs.
    Presently working hard to write the follow-up to the first book of organ anecdotes "Organ-isms: Anecdotes from the World of the King of Instruments" as well as creating goodies for my organ calendar shop and organ gifts shop - both online.

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My life revolves around travel, computers, cameras, cats, organs, travel, cameras, cats, computers, organs - and there's a husband in there somewhere too!. I have always written stuff, so that's a given. At the moment I enjoy making organ-themed gifts such as mousepads, calendars, shoes, mugs, business cards, cards, tee shirts and so on using photographs that I have taken when on concert tours. Visit My organ gifts website


Currently we are recovering from a year of earthquakes after a 7.1 centered close to Christchurch and then a more violent one in February that claimed 181 lives. Personally, we were fortunate to have lost only possessions, although like everyone else in Christchurch, people we knew were killed and friends and have moved away. As the saying goes here in Christchurch, we live in a New Normal. We are working hard to restore music to the city although life will never be the same, and any real normality may be 20 years away.

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