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  1. Oh thanks Vox.

    Hmmm - I can see the attachments. Funny. Oh well. 

    Part of the reason that the organ fared so well was that because it was up high, seated on what used to be choir stalls in tiers, so it was cushioned. When the massive vertical thrust struck in February, it joggled up and down as if on a trampoline. Had it been down on the floor height, it would have gone the way of everything else such as the 2 grand pianos and chamber organ and all service conduits etc and been submerged in liquefaction. So yes, it was very lucky.

  2. Dear Listers,

    apologies for my absence in these discussions for many moons. But I've got 2 little items for you.

    1. Many of you who have supported, encouraged and seen us through the last 8 dark years of rebuild after the earthquakes will be probably interested to know you can also 'take part' in the re-opening concerts of the Rieger in the Christchurch Town hall on Wednesday March 6th. Both concerts, played by Martin Setchell, will be streamed live via a website link; the time in New Zealand will be 1.10pm and 6pm, so I suggest to find the correct time for you,  get Google to see what time it is where you are in comparison with New Zealand. The concerts will be an hour and are the same programme. Anyway you can read all about this and the programme on either www.nzorgan.com and www.pipelinepress.com . 

    2. As soon as Rieger had finished their job of restoring, repairing and finishing the additions (14 new ranks) to the Christchurch town hall organ, Martin recorded a celebration CD called "Resounding Aftershocks". This will be released on the day of the re-opening concert. But if any of you are keen to read more and buy at a discounted price before then, go to https://www.pipelinepress.com/resounding-aftershocks-pre-release.html .  Sorry if this sounds like too much overt publicity, but it has been a massive and joyous step for so many people. We can hardly believe it is happening. 

    Cheerful noises,



    March 6th-Organ concert flyer-for distribution2.pdf

  3. You can go to this pipelinepress.com link: "Organs and Organists"

    And can read reviews there too, if that helps. 

    And thanks to John Mander for allowing a special exemption to post this on the Forum; John has always been most welcoming and helpful in all matters "organic". Even by supplying his picture of the "bear" organ for the book was a big plus! What I want is a cat organ, now please John; I suggest you put a cat at the top of the case, knocking over all the pipes it can reach when you pull a stop named, say "Tombez" . Good idea?? :-)

  4. Dear List members, 

    I'm delighted to say that "Organs and Organists: Their Inside Stories" is now freely available online whether you live in Timbuktu, Hokitika, Moosejaw or London, by kind permission of my publishers, Butz of Bonn. To celebrate this great globalisation (!!)  we are giving away a free DVD of Martin's recording of "Pictures at an Exhibition"  recorded on the Christchurch Town Hall organ in NZ with every copy of the book sold from our website until the end of March - or until our supplies last. (It includes the special paintings done by Philip Trusttum but also shots of the interior and exterior of the organ.) If you go to the buy now page at  this link on pipelinepress.com you can also read reviews about the new book. 

    Any questions, fire away!!

    Cheerful noises from down under,




  5. Would dearly love to hear Olivier but sadly will be mid-air en route to another page-turning tour of Uk and Europe...

    It would really be a highlight if I was able to meet some of my forum friends (and in particular those who have helped so kindly with the birth of "organ-isms") at these page-turning concerts ...

    If you fancy seeing an experienced turner in action (subtle flicks of wrist, while balanced on tiny blocks of unstable decaying wood, how to collect dropped pages from pedals, as well as additional malevolent glares at chatters and sweet paper rustlers etc...) the venues are


    *Coventry Cathedral, Monday July 6th, 1pm

    *Oxford Town Hall, Tuesday July 7th, 1pm

    *York Methodist Central Hall, York, Friday, July 10th at 7.30pm

    *Leicester Cathedral, Tuesday, July 21 at 8pm

    *Bridlington Priory, Saturday, July 25 at 6pm



    and then it's on to Germany, France and Italy etc. Incidental background music will be provided on the organ by someone. Oh yes. Martin Setchell. I have to bring him along really. But it's the page-turning that will definitely be the winner here...

    If you want to see what scores I will be struggling to manipulate, view the programmes here: Pages being turned

    Please come and say hello!!! It truly would be wonderful to meet my forum friends!



    Churchmouse :rolleyes:

  6. Um, and may I humbly point out to those who might not read C&Owith all the painstaking attention that it undoubtedly deserves that I will be playing the new Slapp-and-Tickell in Worcester Cathedral on September 5th, and that I would of course be delighted to meet all those names?


    ...and can I ask if you'll be having a little fry-up in the loft, Barry? ;) Wish we could be there .... :lol:

  7. Not forgetting the organ world way downunder, Martin Setchell will be playing in Brisbane City Hall on Wednesday, Feb 4th at 12.30pm (Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" is included) ; he will also play at Hobart Town Hall on Sunday 8th at 4.30pm; and on Thursday Feb 12th at 1pm at Collins St Baptist church, Melbourne. I'll be tottering behind carrying bags, cameras, iced water and listening out for anecdotes :lol:



  8. This is not an organist but I think many of you would be fascinated to hear an incredibly musical performance of the (hiding head under bedclothes) Bach BWV 565.

    I was riveted. He makes a better job of it than many do and I found it thoroughly enjoyable.


    Curious? You should be!!

    Bach BWV 565 d minor

    Player is Dmitriev



  9. Oh , I should have added to my first post but was a bit shy; there are 4 or 5 little videos of my Martin playing the Christchurch Rieger: Grison, some of his own bits n' bats, and a Lefebure-Wely Sortie. The latter might be of interest to some of you as it also shows shots of the interior of the organ and I even braved climbing to the top of the swell to get those as well. (heights AND Cameron Carpenter playing make me weak-kneed, obviously!)

    Martin's little collection you can find on YouTube here

  10. I felt weak at the knees when I watched this video of Cameron Carpenter playing the Chopin Revolutionary study. Yep, that's right. And guess what he uses to play the runny left hand bits with???

    Think I'll give up now and take up truck driving again.



    Churchmouse - still feeling weak-kneed

  11. I think that's a great idea and here's another thought.

    I have a links page that you can add your own websites to - I'd encourage you to add them as they are among the most visited pages of our website. the trick is to navigate to the category that you want (so not only dig down to organist, but go to the correct initial letter, and then submit your link - bit of a trick I admit but beyond my pathetic control at the moment. The rest is easy. You can add any favourite website you like in fact! (apart from Norty ones and those with tofu recipes - yuk)

    the more sites the merrier, really.

    Have a look and add your own: DIY organ links page



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