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  1. Sir John Dykes Bower in the 1960's - and later sir David Willcocks - anyone since?
  2. Lets not beat about the bush - a Directorate of Organists.
  3. Regarding 'soft information' - as I understand it one has to accept one was guilty of the offence before the police can issue a caution - which does then count as a criminal record on a CRB. This will possibly include instances where the Police / CPS would not want to run the risk/expense of losing a case in court - and also where the defendant had not insisted a lawyer come to the police station to advise them about whether or not to accept a Caution! When the CPS lose a court case the defendant is found 'not guilty' - which may not always be synonymous with 'innocent.' CRB clearance is - as several have said - a bit of a minefield.
  4. R R Terry has quite a detailed biography on Facebook, believe it or not! This gives full details of where he taught etc and schools may still have some useful leads. PA
  5. Organsit of Great St Mary's Cambridge and previously DOM Clifton College, who lost his right arm serving in the First World War. Probably born around the turn of the 20th century and really an Edwardian - had never heard Weston super Mare pronounced other than Mare as a french pronunciation (with acute accent on e) of the sea, that is until I referred to it as Mare (female horse). Oh for the sheltered life! He played with one arm and two feet and solo-ed the next keyboard down with his thumb. Balanced his breakfast toast in palm of his hand and manipulated the knife somehow to butter! And drove a Morris Minor whose only concession was the indicator (not flasher) control stalk on the LHS of the steering column! PA
  6. .....and I remember marvellous recitals in St Nicholas Great Yarmouth from 1961 - 5 organised by my father; Fernando Germani, Flor Peeters, John Dykes Bower, Douglas Fox, Margaret Cobb, Robert Munns and many more. They all stayed at our home and to see Douglas butter a piece of toast with one hand was something else. I sold entrance programmes at the door for half a crown (12.5p).
  7. Of course I mean Unsurpassed - delete the never! These snow given extra days are good are they not?
  8. I agree about Gibbons 'the Finger of the Age' as he was known. Never Unsurpassed for Amens!
  9. The advantage of using the paper version this Directory (held in main reference libraries) is that one can also conveniently see a charity's recent income and expenditure and thus identify those who might not be so over-burdened with grant applications!
  10. I am sure there is something inherently problematic with word processor keyboard action and particularly the mouse. My wife is a trained typist of over 30 yrs experience who has suffered rsi since inputting on a database - onset during 2001. Mouse work seems more problematic than straight typing. She had no problems during the previous 20 years, which included old fashioned manual type writing. Working for the NHS, she has had full occupational health and medical investigations which recognise her condition; the employer has fortunately recognised the need to make industrial injury recompense. She finds the ergonomic keyboard helpful. Personally I avoid laptops with their flat and cramped keyboards which I find very uncomfortable and unnatural in use. Surely Rubenstein & co would have suffered rsi if it were provoked by instrumental keyboards? PA
  11. angwinpeter


    .........and, whilst I live in Birmingham and can drive to all the places mentioned above we also have - quite close to hand - Gloucester, Warwick, and Tewkesbury, each of whom offers their own regular programme of excellent musical events as well as hosting visiting performers. I can easily park at these venues, too. All this is made practical by their postings on the internet. In a sense I feel a part time member of all three congregations! PA
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