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  1. There seems to be a fair degree of secrecy regarding the state of the Tickell organ. I read earlier, from a knowledgeable source on Facebook, that all mains electrics and all of the electrical transmission were having to be replaced, however it now looks as if that post has been deleted! It seems a fair assumption that the organ is currently unplayable.
  2. The old transept "Solo" organ was, in truth, very much more a nave Great section comprising of a very warm and full bodied diapason chorus (8,4,2,mixture) and large trumpets at 16' & 8'. One visiting French recitalist in the late 1970s or early 80s played his whole recital using the "Solo" as the "Great". The favoured place to sit for recitals was in the crossing so the Quire and Transept sections could be properly appreciated together. For service work in the Quire the "Solo" division was next to useless, where a solo trumpet was needed this was provided by the Great Tromba, or its later
  3. That was the plan for the Quire and Transept organs. Here are a couple of console photos I took when my choir were covering weekend services in the cathedral in 2012:- The transept divisions are fully prepared for, their stops occupying the innermost (nearest the keyboards) positions on each side. This leaves the stop jambs for the quire Swell and Great quite a distance from the player which is not particularly convenient for players of my small stature! The midi connections were used to allow 32' sound to be provided from the Rodgers nave organ as a temporary measur
  4. I notice that the electronic nave organ was used at Worcester once again.
  5. Dare I speak the elephant in the room and say that I thought it one of the ugliest organs I've ever seen, certainly it would not grace any room. I also found it difficult to understand why the same rank of pipes, at the same pitch, should have different names on different manuals.
  6. Its now clearly stated on this forum's home page that it will close in 2 weeks time.
  7. The Tickell quire organ has a four manual console in a loft in the south quire aisle, there is no three manual remote console. The organ Nicholas is playing in the video is the Rodgers digital organ in the nave.
  8. Obituary in today's Times: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/register/jane-parker-smith-obituary-qnjvh7fd3 You may be amused and/or annoyed by the reference to Allen organ in the Alexandra Palace!
  9. Whilst social distancing at home I've been watching the latest series of "Outlander" which includes scenes in what looked like a large, and rather fine, American church with a large organ split across matching cases on either side of the quire. With a little bit of research it transpires that these scenes were filmed in Thomas Coats Memorial (Baptist) Church in Paisley, Scotland and the organ is a largely unspoilt 1890 4-manual Hill.https://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N12481 The church has recently ceased to be used as a place of public worship and is now a for hire venue for wedding
  10. I think you mean "Triforium", not "Transept"!
  11. Well really it would depend on the liturgical date/season, but for a generic service how about: Prelude: Improvisation or Howells Siciliano for a High Ceremony Introit: We wait for thy loving kindness - McKie Responses: Rose Psalm 91 (Bairstow in E flat) Canticles: Howells St Paul Anthem: For lo, I raise up - Stanford Voluntary: Carillon-Sortie - Mulet
  12. I recently bought a CD recording entitled "The gate of heaven" by the choir of New College Oxford, given the quirkiness of the organ its pretty good, the choir are excellent but none of the tracks are accompanied by organ scholars. I was aware that Kings, Cambridge have an assistant Director of Music although, given that Christopher Robinson stepped in to help out after Stephen Cleobury's unfortunate accident its very unclear what their responsibilities are, but for one of the major Oxford colleges to make a recording without allowing their organ scholar or scholars anywhere near the inst
  13. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/gaudis-sagrada-familia-given-stradivarius-organ-for-crypt-to-replace-original-destroyed-in-civil-war-c3ctsjq8r
  14. One reason that some organists and pianists are not good at watching conductors is that it does not form a natural part of their development and training. Piano is essentially a solitary instrument that you practice alone and unconducted. By contrast if you learn an orchestral instrument from quite an early stage you are likely to be in some form of ensemble if not a full blown orchestra where watching and following the conductor's beat is an essential skill and discipline. You can not get by with staring rigidly at your music and playing the right notes, you quickly learn to constantly switch
  15. Britten - Rejoice in the Lamb Britten - Hymn to St Peter Bairstow - Blessed city, heavenly salem Durufle - Requiem (challenging for choir & organist!)
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