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  1. I agree with wolsey. Behold, O God our Defender was commissioned for the Queen's Coronation at Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953. I have a copy of the order of service, the first music in it (pages 2-12) is Parry's I was glad, the next music (pages 16-21) is the Howells, the final music (pages 182-3) is Gordon Jacob's arrangement of the National Anthem. On page 21 under the final bars of the Howells is printed Christmas Day, 1952. I was an 11 year old chorister at Durham Cathedral in 1953 and can't remember when I acquired the Coronation book.
  2. ​Denis Bédard, Adagio (CH. 05) or Andantino (Ch. 18) might suit, RSCM stock them. RAC
  3. "It's when you've sung in a choir with the likes of the late Martin How at the helm, you realise your own inadequacies." Happily not yet "late"! From Croydon Minster web site . . . The music department is led by the Organist & Master of the Choristers, Andrew Cantrill. Andrew was previously Director of Music at Grimsby Parish Church (the only parish church in the country to have its own choir school); the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, New Zealand; and St Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo, NY, USA. Andrew is assisted at the organ by Tom Little (Sub-Organist), Martin How (Organist Lau
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