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  1. It is in "The Bristol Collection" Volume Three and published by Harold Flammer in the USA in 1975. An excellent piece and not over difficult!
  2. Very sad to receive this news. Arthur was a lovely man and a fine musician. I commissioned him to write settings of Psalm 8 "O Lord our Governor" and Psalm 13 "How long wilt Thou forget me O Lord" for my wife, Prudence Lloyd (soprano) and me back in the early 1990's. We gave their first performance at All Saints' Friern Barnet, London on 27th. June 1992 and also performed them in Germany on several occasions in 1994. They were subsequently published by Oecumuse in 1993. They are very good settings and very worthwhile performing. When I was organist at All Saint's (from 1976 - 1998) we
  3. For the last week logging in to organographia.cultureforum.net the French equivalent of Invision Power has not been possible. It is run by the Belgian Pierre Lauwers. Has anyone any idea what has happened? It is a fascinating website. Many thanks for any help, DKP
  4. The piece in question is published by me at Fitzjohn Music Publications. www.impulse-music.co.uk/fitzjohnmusic David Patrick
  5. So very sad to hear of the death of John Joubert. He was a lovely and gracious man and , following commissioning his opera "The Prisoner" in 1969 for performance in 1973 for the quatercenterary of Queen Elizabeth's Boys' Grammar School in Barnet, I kept in touch with him and his wife, Mary, ever since. He always said that the opera was rather like updated Gilbert and Sullivan, so much so that the boys at the school who were not musically inclined but helped greatly with sets and lighting were going round the school whistling some of the tunes. The opera is set in Concordia and John ment
  6. I was organist of this church for 21 years until 1998 and the organ is my "baby" as it were. The reason for the case not being taller is that there is a lovely west window above, which would have been obscured had height been added. The pipe shades are beautiful in that they incorporate the studs idea on the belt of St. George from the central window above. The width, despite my initial doubt, does not affect the sound adversely in any way - it all comes together extremely well and there is no antiphonal effect whatsoever. The organ is extremely versatile and a great tribute to Nigel Chur
  7. Fitzjohn Music Publications ( www.impulse-music.co.uk/fitzjohnmusic) (e-mail - fitzjohnmusic@btinternet.com) publishes Steggall's Three Preludes and Fugues at £ 8 - 50 + p and p These are different, and easier (!) than the one on IMSLP.
  8. Robert Matthew Walker's phone number is 0208 857 1582 and e-mail address is   theorgan@hotmail.co.uk    This is all as in the current edition of the magazine. I hope this helps.


  9. Thank you for mentioning the new editions, Sets 1 and 2, of William Herschel's Full Organ Pieces which I have recently published. They are obtainable from me at Fitzjohn Music Publications. Herschel's Sonatas/Sonatinas are in the course of preparation at the moment. David Patrick
  10. This piece is in Volume 3 of "The Bristol Collection" edited by Lee Hastings Bristol Jr. and published in the USA by Harold Flammer. It is a fine piece and most enjoyable to play. DKP
  11. Innate is absolutely correct. It is clearly stated in the 18th Century treatises of John Marsh and Jonas Blewitty that Open and Stopped Diapasons should always be drawn together. DKP
  12. It may interest you to know that I publish William Jones of Nayland's Ten Church Pieces (Op.2) for Organ Manuals. Further details can be found at my website www.impulse-music.co.uk/fitzjohnmusic
  13. There is a collection of Four Pieces by Ernest Farrar who was killed in the First World War in 1918. The volume contains his Fantasy-Prelude Op.5, Prelude and Variations on a Ground Bass Op.22, Elegy Op.13 and A Wedding Piece Op.18. Farrar was taught by Stanford and he himself taught Gerald Finzi. The collection is published by fitzjohnmusic@btinternet.com Please forgive the commercial! DKP
  14. I have a copy of this fine piece which was originally published by Joseph Williams. If you send me an e-mail I will happily scan a copy for you DKP
  15. Dear Nigel, I hope you are well. Can you kindly send me a pdf of the Lemare Concert Fantasia? It sounds great fun. All best wishes, David (Patrick)
  16. Sonata No. 1 is dedicated to Stanford and is published by me at Fitzjohn Music Publications. I also plan to publish the other three Sonatas before too long as and when time allows. Fitzjohn Music Publications website is www.impulse-music.co.uk/fitzjohnmusic.htm DKP
  17. I have a copy of this arranged by W S Lloyd Webber. If you send me an e-mail I will be happy to send you a pdf of it. DKP
  18. Yes, a very effective piece. It can be found in the Universal edition of Mozart's Orgelwerke. Book 1 (Six Pieces for Organ Solo). UE Number 17155. This also contains his Fugue in G minor (K 401), Trio in G (K443), Fugue in E flat (K 153), Fugue in G minor (K 154) and Eine kleine Gigue ("Leipziger Gigue")(K 574). Best wishes, DKP
  19. Nothing in the Daily Telegraph either. A great shame. A fine man with whom I had the pleasure of adjudicating in past years. DKP
  20. I totally agree that the baritone soloist in the BBC 2 broadcast was superb. A fine vocal quality and musicianship to match. My wife, who was with the BBC Singers for 11 years, has exactly the same opinion on this. Does anyone know the soloist's name as he is a singer to watch for the future? Best seasonal greetings, DKP
  21. There is also the one by Elgar at www.impulse-music.co.uk/fitzjohnmusic.htm DKP
  22. The organ sound is fine and in many ways quite thrilling. Well played too! As a matter of interest the Vierne Pastorale comes up with "File not found" so it is not possible to hear it. DKP
  23. The Klavar Music Foundation of Great Britain has a website at http://www.klavarmusic.org/ which has various free downloads and may be of interest and help. I have a music book published by them in 1982 entitled "The Klavar System" Piano0 Book 1 (Lessons 1 - 6) which makes fascinating reading. Good luck with it all. DKP
  24. I am new to this forum having read many of the postings for a long time now. I was a pupil of Harold Darke and his assistant for 7 years, following on from Roger Fisher, until Harold's retirement in 1966. I had the privilege of turning pages for him for many years at his Monday recitals and learned a huge amount just watching him. I also assisted him in one of the early Festival Hall recitals that he gave. The critics were unkind to him about his Bach interpretations on that occasion. This upset him considerably and I remember him saying that he was not going in any way to change his man
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