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  1. Bit late for this year, but I play these by Chris Maxim (though never on St Davids Day, strangely enough). https://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/177198.html
  2. PS Where did you find the Elmore, I struggled for ages to find it in print.
  3. Hovland excellent. I play the Elmore, along with a couple of other movements in the suite (bit more taxing on the technique, mind. The Elmore Society I think they were called were going to republish several other of his organ works. I have a cd of his organ music (which I can't lay my hands on at the moment recorded on that outdoor organ in the US.
  4. Thank you. Very helpful and one of the reasons why this forum is such a useful place! Music is, shall we say, OK, nothing spectacular, nothing too difficult!
  5. Does anyone know anything about Manfred Perger? The usual internet search reveals some music (a colleague has Three Chorale Fantasias), but nothing about the man himself. And I'm not a German speaker, so I've been unable to glean information from any foreign sites. Thank you
  6. Further to the earlier message, I have just heard that the funeral will be at Leeds Parish Church at noon on Wednesday 24th October.
  7. For those who are familiar with the organ and music scene in Leeds and West Yorkshire, you will be saddened to hear of the passing away of Anthony Cooke, former Organ Scholar of Keble College, Oxford, and latterly Organist and Director of Music at Leeds Grammar School. For a long period, Anthony was also Treasurer of the Organists Benevolent Fund and Diocesan Organ Advisor. I can post details of when and where the funeral is at a later date if that is of interest to members
  8. Agree with much of your post, particularly about the Rheinberger; so many sonatas, so many decent movements, but not necessarily in the same sonatas! However, I do use the Widor for performance. I bought the volumes as a poor student (£25 for the fifth just for the Toccata, or £10 for all of 1 to 5? No contest!) and yes there are some substantial differences in places (a whole section in the last movement of the 6th that various editions don't have) but many of the differences are a bit more subtle (I did quite a lengthy analysis of the first movement of the fifth) and in many cases I quite like them. Always makes for an interesting conversation post-voluntary/recital from the amoral brigade! PS My absence over the last few weeks due to moving across the country, bye to Dorset, hello Essex, some interesting comparisons so far.....my box set of The Only Way is Essex has come in useful for the cultural surroundings and as my induction!
  9. The organ had been removed from the church before 2000 when I first started regularly using the building for concerts. The toaster is passable (well it was for the Crucifixion!) and as a continuo instrument behind an orchestra. There have been several plans doing the rounds during my time there. One was to mount a gallery at the back of the church for an organ, which came to nothing as it obscured some Victorian wall paintings. This might have been the plan that was the hybrid organ with Carol Curley on side and the then vicar and others doing trips to that place in Sweden that has one. I understand that the original faculty for the eke tonic instrument was only granted for 10 years until a more satisfactory long term solution could be found. I wonder what happened to this? For those who are not familiar with the building, it is a marvellous space, but is only the quire from the original abbey, which must have been on a vast scale and is one of my top ten Tardis destinations once we've stopped faffing around with space travel!
  10. Malvern Priory? Yes, agreed (and with some bias).
  11. And another 'Welcome'. I have found the forums a great place for sharing information, particularly for me in tracking down repertoire/music/sellers/ideas for programmes etc. etc. I noticed you are in Norfolk, where I spent a rather good holiday over the Easter period, having never really visited there at all before now.
  12. DVD arrived yesterday from Amazon. Its for me, but thinly disguised as birthday present for 5 year old daughter on Monday!
  13. Yes, in my eagerness hadn't done it slowly, have seen it all now. Is it worth downloading the iTunes version, or waiting for a CD to come out. Are the iTunes dowloads lossless now? As for the DVD, yes, I will be going for it!
  14. Doh! Hadn't scrolled down far enough! Can't find I was Glad though, or have I missed that as well?
  15. Yes, I'm impressed with the bits you can hear. A pity there's not more music however, and given that iTunes is the perfect place for people to pick and choose the bits they want, shame the Whitlock isn't available, or even Crown Imperial, Blest Pair, or the highlight, I was Glad. I wonder why they've been missed off? If it has been designed to fit on a single CD (for commercial release perhaps later), then there's enough music and the service to fit on to two CDs. On the composer front, MacMillan's political views might have made for some awkward questions.
  16. These are all trhe same arguments that came out when the RCO announced the new organ for the ill-fated Birmingham project.
  17. Not only was the quality of the music impressive, but the sheer logistics of organ/orch/choir over that distance took some doing. As for Blaenwern, I still remember as a child singing that hymn from our non-conformist hymn book in the eye-watering A flat; made for a real belter on the top F in the last line! On the Rutter question, I think its a matter of knowing what you're going to get, so you commission what you like. What were the other options? Tavener? Too many echoes of mum's funeral. Llloyd-Webber (always a possiblilty with the WIndsors). PMD (too many reasons to mention). Perhaps we could have had some Malcolm Williamson to make up for the Sypmphony that was never completed in time for the Queen's Jubilee? Radical, how about some Swayne, Whitacre, Jackson (Gabriel, not Francis, though he would have done a good job) to name but a few.
  18. Can't seem to get the website to work; lots of loading, then an error message.
  19. Agreed on the Blaenwern, dull in F major. I enjoyed the restrained last verse descants, very effective. I was glad was really tremendous. Its not my choice of speed, but given the building and the forces used, it was spot on. I also liked the Ubi Caritas motet. I'm not one usually for collecting these things, but I was so impressed, I will be buying the soundtrack when it is released. By the way, did anyone see that the choristers are getting £7,500 each in various rights etc for today. Worth every penny!
  20. A very tough act to follow!
  21. Apologies, I stand corrected! I wonder if there is any evidence that Stanford heard the Rachmaninov? I suppose there is every chance he will have done. Does anyone have the Dibble/Stanford book? Does it mention it?
  22. Totally agree on the Stanford, great piece. Doesn't it predate the Rachmaninov though? I have a disc with some Widor chamber music on it, I think a Piano Trio, very fine piece, and holds its own well with contemporary French chamber music.
  23. Does anyone know what became of Mr Harris (I think that was the name)? Did he indeed become a 'professional organ builder'?
  24. Thanks for all the advice. An eventful few days in Norfolk. We ended up on the Sheringham-Holt line. Place was very full, as the BBC were filming something with Melvyn Bragg and Pete Waterman. An enjoyable ride and return, spoiled only by a parking ticket on my return. Anyway, we also had a day in Norwich, including a good look round St Peter's, with that Peter Collins organ in. Has anyone played this? Is it really as 'uncompromising' as the literature suggests? Then on to Kings Lynn today where we found a most interesting small two manual Willis in St Nicholas Chapel, a fabulous building. No longer used for worship, but used for concerts and kept open by the Church Conservation trust. Does anyone know if the organ is still in working condition? And then finally to Terrington St Clement, an extraordinary building on the Fens. Again, anyone ever played here? A useful end to our first family outing to Norfolk. I shall be back to try out the other steam railways!
  25. OK, I admit it, I'm in the club too, though for me (born after the last steam train to run), the fascination with railways is so much more about the architecture and topography (can't wait to get inside the restored Midland Hotel at St Pancras). However, we're on hols in Norfolk this week, which of the three steam railways can members recommend for 1. length of ride, and 2. decentness of refreshment and other additional attractions for my children. The other half will only permit one of the three. Answers asap!
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