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  1. sjf Is it this organ? I cannot get the link to work, but the church is called St Marks Hamilton Terrace. It has those characteristically shaped stop keys that Walker used. I know it from my student days in the 70s, when I applied to be a bass in the choir there (I've not actually played it myself). I went there about two years ago, to ask permission to practice on it. It is not now fully playable, and I did not get permission to practice, and the choir has also gone. APB
  2. Giwro Thanks for posting this. This sounds good. An order will be coming your way in due course. APB
  3. Thank you for this, AJJ. I ordered my copy of 'Sportive Fauns' a few days later, and it has just arrived. APB
  4. To MM Thank you for this information. It is much appreciated. I endorse your high regard for this music. Unfortunately, the link that I gave does not work. Iam not sure why; I took it from the Youtube page directly. Anybody who wants to hear this performance can go to Youtube, and then search for kapitany denes (do not worry about accents); 'sportive Fauns' usually comes up, as it happens, as the first thumbnail
  5. Sportive Fauns Ref: Antalffy-Zsiross Dezso: Sportive Fauns after Böcklin; Hungarian name: Játékos Faunok Where can a get a copy of the music for this? Is it widely available in England?
  6. Thank you for this. I shall wait and see what happens.
  7. Does anyone know of any other music by Edith Beaulieu? There is a link here , which links to the first few seconds of each movement of the Organ Symphony, but I cannot find anything else by her, that has not already been posted.
  8. There is a work by Jean Langlais called La Cinquieme Trompette. In the middle section of this, top G is required on the pedals (as well as F sharp more than once). It is not possible to 'fake' this, as the pedal registration is specified as a 4ft solo, with two different manual registrations (left hand playing slow-moving chords on a Celeste, right hand playing a 'spiky' fast moving rhythm on the Jeu de Nazard, if I remember correctly). There is a recording of the piece on a CD by John Scott at St Paul's Cathedral.
  9. There is a short article on the organ rebuild on the Cathedral website here
  10. But what do you want, Edna (or "leathered lips" (don't you just hate it when people don't give their true names)). Where were you sitting? I heard the Pedal clearly enough, sitting in the Circle, to the left of the organ (door W). I also heard the cypher (in America), and it did seem to take a long time to go away. I do not agree about Full Organ which (apart from being as loud as anyone could want), also had more brilliance than is sometimes found. I am intrigued that Edna 'missed' the "rattling pillars caused by a nice Open Wood. . ." I prefer the building not to move, or rattle, whe
  11. I am looking for a recording (preferably on cassette or CD) of the Fugue, Chorale & Epilogue by Herbert Howells, as recorded by Roger Fisher at Chester Cathedral. The recording was made some years ago now, before the recent rebuild. Can anyone help with this?
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